Monsters in the closet

It happened again, I hit storage maximum capacity in the room. There was nowhere to turn but the closet of doom. What laid behind this door terrified me more than Sulley ever could and I’m afraid that even he wouldn’t work from this closet.

Let’s take look, shall we?


Oh my. In all fairness (am I sounding defensive?), there were eight medium bins and one very large storage bin under the ‘fluff’. At one point I had a small area where I could place a step ladder to reach the shelf but it quickly became the place to stuff what I didn’t want to see in the room. That false sense of organization. I haven’t opened a few of the bins in over two years and a couple haven’t seen the light of day since Atlanta (mostly costuming stuff).

I decided that if I hadn’t touched it in two years then it was either destined for storage in the garage, or it was going to the dump. I sent four packed bins to the garage, four garbage bags to the dump and one paper grocery bad stuffed with compostable material. Daaaaaaang.

The soon to be pulled up ugly carpet was a sight for sore eyes…


Since the walls needed some patching where we removed and eventually raised the wire shelf, I knew there was going to be a painting stage. Yay! No really, I love painting and Michael suggested that if we were going to paint why not have some color? I went with a darker color in the same color range as the room. It’s called Lucy Blue by Valspar.



I considered doing recessed shelves on the sides but that would mean more with installation and painting. That may be a project for down the road, especially if I need the rack in the garage. I also wanted wire shelving so that I could hang things like patterns, transparencies and other bits. The racks above the cutting table were getting a wee bit crowded. I also decided to leave the door off and will paint the hinge sections white as I’m on the fence about filling them.

Our old bubble cigar lamp has been out of commission since we left my parents old house. I figured it was time to put it back to work.

We added another shelf above the door.

Easy access to fabric. The mini-chandelier will eventually go above the tub in the master (mom’s) bathroom.

While going through all the ‘stuff’ I found the original drawings for my Queen of the Big Top costume and decided to tack it up on the wall. I still hope to do the big skirt feature one day.

So to recap here are some side-by-side comparisons.

Scraps from costume projects… from eight years ago. I’ve gone through all the useable pieces and now its time to move on.

Most images click through to larger versions. *Google led me to the picture of Sulley on*

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  • P_doucet

    Oh my. That closet looks great now and I know how amazing getting organized feels. Right on sista!

  • Thanks! It is certainly a huge relief. Now it’s time to make a bunch of things…