Monday, Monday – Vintage Sea Life

I was hoping to post my weekend project of tackling the studio closet, but it’s not finished so it’ll have to wait until either tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, here is my other new obsession…

I was on a search last week when I stumbled across some antique sea life prints from books and I believe they’ll work just fine in the color scheme I have planned for the guest room. I also ran across the fabric I used in the mood board and it’s bluer than the image I grabbed from Calico Corners, which makes me happy, although I don’t know if I’m going to use it now. I’m starting to see it a lot of places online and now offline and I’m rethinking using it in the room. Of course, that sent me off on another search for something else which I’ll post once I narrow that choice down!

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  • Lindsey

    Oh my gosh!  These colors!!  Make pretty things with this inspiration!  PLEASE!

  • Evita Smith

    I’ll do my best, ma’am!