What day of the week is it?

We arrived home last night from our whirlwind weekend in Atlanta. I’m still very tired today and have a ton to catch up on. It was a mostly working weekend, with ample time for silly antics at night. Michael hung track lighting for the museum where our friend Andy is the director. I am currently redesigning their website. We both lost a days work due to various technicalities. I learned that my laptop can no longer function with an external keyboard and mouse. We need to buy a used top portion and see if that will allow us to have some kind of decent portable technology. Unfortunately that caused us to miss a few goings on about town on Saturday and limited my time at fabric mecca to a mere 30-45 minutes, which is a bit cruel considering I haven’t been able to step foot in Gail’s in over 2 years. I threatened to drop to the floor and roll around a bit, but it was a wee bit crowded while Aileen and I were there. I managed to pick up a few pieces of fabric and I hope to get back for just a supply run next month.

This is one of a few photos taken at Aileen and Mike’s place. They are two of the most extraordinary humans on the planet and I adore Aileen’s style.

Our Darling
Our Darling

I hope to get more posts up about various adventures in Atlanta.

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