Monday, Monday

I felt the bedroom need a little greening over the weekend and as I cut some leaves last week, the ‘new’ beaker was the perfect vessel to hold them and the shelf was just the spot for it. The beaker was picked up last week while we were out thrifting items for some new products. The mirror was also thrifted a few weeks back. The bottle is an antique vaseline Czech perfume bottle we picked up a few years back and the head is a stamp I found at an antique medical curiosities/equipment shop in Amsterdam about 10 years ago. I think it’s a lovely start for that area and I’m sure I’ll find something to add to the mix.

Now… to find a new home for the hare and the deer.

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  • Tagati

    Actually, the head looks like a netsuke.

  • Evita

    Hmmm… very interesting. The owner of the shop didn’t have any information on it and I’ve never taken up researching it, which is rather unusual for me. Perhaps I should take  photos of the back and botton and post them to forum at for further clarification. 
    Thank you for the input and I’ll let you know!

    *Disqus doesn’t seem to want to let me log in. :/*

  • Evita

    The general consensus is that it is not a netsuke. I got some great feedback from the folks on the forum. I think I may have found something delightfully new though, thank you for  bringing it up. I will for quite some time need to admire netsuke from afar!