Delve into 2012

Guest Room
Some time this year I hope we can address the guest room, which is downright pitiful. I’ve been dreaming of this palette for a while now. I’m jonsing for a pop of color upstairs.

{ Unfortunately, I do not have the photo credit for the room in the top of the montage as I saved it a long time ago. The bottom left photo is from desire to inspire and the bottom right is from Canadian House & Home via Creamy Life. Fabric was found on Calico Corners. }

What we’re hoping to accomplish:
Paint the walls using the shadow stripping method like we used in the bedroom. I don’t know right now if we’ll use a stencil, an angular design or go free hand.
DIY headboard.
Louvered door for the closet.
Pelmet box. { Illustration forthcoming! }
Roman shades and drapes.
Finish tables – knobs and mirrored tops.
Seating and console table/dresser.
Ceiling fan.
Lighting – don’t have any clue as to what this will look like yet.

We’ll get to addressing the living room and the master bedroom/bath {mom’s domain} soon!

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  • Lane

    That deep, rich blue and the bright lemon yellow are amazing. I tried to sale my husband on a similar blue for our library but he would have none of it.

  • Evita Smith

    You could try to slowly introduce him to the idea via these blue bookcases…


  • Lane

    You might be on to something there…Definitely saving that to my folder.

  • Stephanie Phillips

    HOLY CRAP. That’s spectacular. I totally hope this comes to fruition!

  • Evita Smith

    Oh, it is! We’ve collected a ton of blue paint swatches from Lowe’s but we need to expand our search to Sherwin Williams and a few other local stores.