Ultimate Bachelors Bathroom

Our dear friend Mike { or Liver, as most affectionately call him } played host to our incredible Labor Day weekend in Allentown. He lives downtown in a gorgeous white Brickote Victorian, built in 1874. He’s lived there for many years and is slowly renovating the place. I think one of the showcase features of the home is the upstairs bathroom. A true mens palace. Mike had a urinal built in the middle of the room with the commode on the opposite side. Now, some of you may think ‘EW’ at the thought, but from a man’s prospective { or at least every guy I’ve shown these photos to, not to mention the guys at the Fest™ } it’s all ‘hell yeah’. It’s one of the cleanest spaces I’ve ever encountered. Then again, the whole house is kept pretty immaculate. There are some finishing details that need to be completed. That just means that Michael and I are just going to have to go back sometime soon to see if finished. 🙂




{ Please note that these photos were taken on Day 3 of party festivities… }

Yay! I found a photo of the front of the house that one of our friends snapped.
Attached Image-4

Lights were all Tec Lighting, can get them from lots of upscale/commercial places.
Urinal-Home Depot online.
Sinks-custom made dyed concrete.
Faucets-Kraus Millennium from Overstock.com.
Lockers-a now closed commercial reclamation charity place.

Sadly, I did not get any decent photos of the tiny broom closet bathroom conversion that is pretty incredible.

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