2011 in review

When I look back on what we did last year I see that we accomplished quite a bit! Sometimes it’s easy to lose track while going through the daily, weekly and monthly grind. Here are the highlights of what we did/made…

We went from ugh to ah in a matter of months. I was frustrated with myself for putting off starting a few things but in the end I think it worked for the better!

What we did in 2011:
Painting and a needed update for our bedspread. I’m still thinking of going with white and accenting with color through pillows.
Hung our Nelson bubble lamps.
Starry pelmet

What we need to work on/finish:
Recover bedside stools & redo lamps
Wood floors or decent carpeting
Louvered door for the closet

Stay tuned to Offbeat Home this week for the constellation light tutorial!

My Studio
I loved it when we got it set up the previous year but after working in it for a while I realized I needed to make changes.

What we did in 2011:
Made the steel prep table mobile
New flooring
New center work table
Reorganized the layout

Window shelf (in action)
Thread storage

What we need to work on/finish:
More shelving
The closet of doom

Breakfast Nook
A lackluster and unused space became a family project. Mom served for much of the inspiration.

What we did in 2011:
Repurposing family treasures
New rug, chairs and bar cart
Rewired an eBay lamp

What we need to work on/finish:
I think we’re good for right now!

First impressions are lasting.

What we did in 2011:
Pulled up nasty carpet, painted diamonds and stars on the stairs.
Made the entry a little cozier.

What we need to work on/finish:
The other side of the foyer still needs a little work and I would like to get a different bench setup by the stairs, but that can certainly wait!

In the garden
I think the outside may be what I’m most proud of in regards to ‘around the house’. Of all the nesting dreams we’ve had over the last several years, this is the one we most held on to since we’d left the loft. We got an early start in February and had some wonderful successes and our fair share of failures. Since we had some time to work outside during the holidays, I’ve been itching to get back to work in the dirt. I hope 2012 is giant green jungle!

February through October.

February through October.

Early May through October.

Early April through July.

We lost our Japanese Maple to a fungus. It was quick and even after isolating it we couldn’t save it. We dug out the dirt, widened the hole and planted a blueberry bush.

What we did in 2011:
The fish pond
Millstone pond
Raised bed for edibles
Rain chains & barrels
A new composter
Gutters along the back of the house

What we need to work on/finish:
French drains
Solar pumps for the rain barrels
Level and tier the back
The Front
Soil conditioning

Other noted 2011 accomplishments…
I applied for and got into the Charleston Farmers Market. I’ll know at the end of this month if I’m back for another season. I also launched The Happy Heathen line of goods. I have several more products I’m working on selling in the shop.

We were very fortunate to have been featured on a few blogs (and a magazine!) during the year. Thank you to everyone who has faith in our work! ♥

I also met some incredibly awesome people last year. I hope the trend continues. I also hope to get to Atlanta more than once this year.

For 2012
I hope to have fresh new voices on the blog this year. I’ll expand on that later.
Our to-do list continues to grow and I am looking forward to continuing to add our flair to our home.

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  • Wonderful wrap up!  Here is to home improvement!!

    PS: I never noticed that constellation art above your dresser!  Where did that come from?

  • Thank you, Lindsey! Your wrap up helped inspire me. 🙂 
    We made the constellation piece earlier last year but didn’t really focus on it too much. We put it in the bedroom and moved the Chat Noir as it wasn’t really suited for the space. Once we put the dresser in place I decided to share it! I’ll link to the Offbeat Home post once it goes live. It was a fun and pretty easy project.