All wrapped up

{ Click image to enlarge. }

I should be safe to post this as it’s past Christmas. 🙂 As some of you know, I use my antique Wolf dress form adorned with my wedding corset as part of my display at the Charleston Farmers Market, Lowcountry Artist Market, and Holy City Artist & Fleas. I have had several conversations with people about custom corsets and have hoped that I’d have the opportunity to make one for someone. I don’t openly seek commissions, but I am very much available to do them. So, during the last HCAF I had a conversation with a lovely woman. She took my card and said that this is what she wanted for Christmas. I tried not to get too excited but lo and behold, I had a phone call from her husband just a couple days later. I put together the gift card and dropped it by his office.

{ Image courtesy Kelly Sauer. }

I’m very excited to work on this project as I love, love, love making them! ♥

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