Bon Weekend – Middleton Montage

Wow, it’s been almost a month since we did our annual excursion to the Inn at Middleton Place & Middleton Gardens and I am now finally getting to post some of the photos starting with the sundial in the sundial garden! I thought to provide a detailed write up but if I wait to to it I’ll never share these so I’ll let the photos do the talking. I have more photos to edit and will share them soon. Perhaps then I’ll conjure up the some more exciting words! Oh, the smaller images can be clicked on for a more detailed view.

There are several artisans working on the property recreating various goods for visitors to watch and buy.




And last but not least, a shot of one of the many beautiful camelias in the gardens.

ETA – I forgot to mention that we bought a cutting of this type of camelia for mom. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop! There several beautiful larget camelia bushes at the old house, which either my grandmother or great grandmother planted. We’re trying to get a collection started for mom. Also missing is a magnolia tree or few.

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