Trunk Show in the Bay Area

For the Bay Area friends…
My very dear friend Aileen’s band, Trunk Show, will be performing several shows during the last weekend in August through Labor Day Weekend, and then heading down to Huntington Beach for a show on the 8th..

Aug 27-29 Café Van Kleef, Oakland, CA

Sept 1 Live on Mister Odom’s Bottomless Pit @ Pirate Cat Radio, 5pm

Sept 2 Kimo’s Bar & Penthouse Lounge, San Francisco, CA 9pm (w/Damon & the Heathens and Mermaid Bones)

Sept 3 Ghosttown Galleries, Oakland, CA 10pm

Sept 6 Kaleidoscope (Labor Day BBQ!), San Francisco, CA 5-8pm (w/Mister Odom & The Odom Poles and The Lee Vilensky Trio)

Sept. 8 Blue Cafe Live, Huntington Beach, CA

You can hear samples of some of their songs at Most of the lead vocals are Aileen. If your musical tastes include Tom Waits and Nick Cave, then you should definitely check them out!

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