A work in progress

I was going to wait until we tackled the closet of doom before posting the finished studio shots, but what the hell. I really loved the studio when we finished it last summer but as I hadn’t really worked long term in the space I eventually found that several things didn’t work for me. I felt confined and that I wasn’t getting much use the chalkboard because I had a hard time comfortably reaching much of the area.

This is how the studio looked way back when…

And here we are today…

I think I may have mentioned that I had fantasies of using reclaimed wood to use for the floor and I know I’ve blabbered on that my interim hopes were of painting the subfloor a gorgeous shade of deep sea blue. I was also aiming to keep this as inexpensive as possible. 

We even went so far as to have a gallon of oil based floor paint mixed for us. It’s very close to the circled color.

We sanded it and then thought about floating in more to even out the surface, but when we got to the store we found ourselves in the tile section and that’s when things made the first major change. We looked at vinyl wood pieces but the styles we like seemed cost prohibitive and had to be special ordered. We were on a mission to finish the room ASAP, damnit. We settled on this lovely rust cement finish.

Once we finished laying down the tiles and giving them a once over with a vinyl roller, it was time to load in the work stations. I knew that I wanted my sewing and other detailed work to be combined into one large table. We were working on the details of the table when I decided that I wanted a wood top to match the floor, so we built this.

We also used this time to finally add wheels to my old prep table. When I purchased the table long ago I passed on the opportunity to get wheels at that time as they’re anywhere from a quarter to a third of the price of the table itself. We came up with what we thought was an ingenious solution.

Until it was time to put the weight of the table on them.

Our next attempt involved a wood dowel, a locking nut and perfecto, it worked!

Except now we had to cut off several inches of the leg itself. Out came the hacksaw and as I was leaning over to keep the table steady, all I could think of was something from The Sopranos.

The two bookcases that were in the center of the room are now standing in the corners, flanking the window. I added heavy vellum screens that are grommeted so they can be removed while I’m working. I also moved the cutting table to be with most of my tools.

We made a shelf along the main window for the cats. The section I originally made for them was never used and one was always taking over the cutting table. I’m happy to say that he’s actually hanging out on the shelf!

Print made during the Design*Sponge Craft & Book Signing Party on October 26. I made it into a pillow. It’s backed with a beautiful black linen and side zipper. I need to make an insert as I made do with what I had on hand.

Gratuitous ‘cat on widow shelf’ shot.

I also realized how much I missed many of the toys and knick-knacks I used to keep in my old space, which didn’t have much room for display. Once we turned the bookcases on end I realized this was the perfect place for them. It was like a reunion with old friends when I unpacked everyone, considering that many were gifts from friends!

The computer area hasn’t really changed minus a few things down for our Halloween dinner scene, so I didn’t update those photos.

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  • Michaela Phifer

    I am so jealous! I wish I had the time/space/energy to redo my area!

  • Thanks Michaela, I’m really enjoying spending time in here like never before! I cannot lie, it sat in a sat of chaos for far too long after we pulled up the rug.