The Breakfast Nook

We’ve been dealing with buying a new refrigerator for my mother’s condo the last couple of days. Not exactly what we were expecting when we woke up Monday morning, but we love the tenants and needed get them something ASAP. Lowe’s made it happen, as did the Lowe’s card.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make the breakfast nook post for sometime but the Charleston Home Magazine site needed to be updated. We got our copy of the magazine just before the beginning of the month. It’ll be available until the spring and the online version of the article can be found HERE. That was a helpful hint to go buy a copy! The photos were taken by Julia Lynn. Check out her site, her work is wonderful. We had a wonderful time working with Julia and Ellen, the magazine’s director. Thanks again for selecting our space!

Charleston Home Magazine

I took some new photos of the room last week and I’ll share them with you along with some of the history of various elements in the room.

It started with an inspiration photo featuring the shelves and then veered way off course. The shelves were purchased from Pottery Barn and as much as I love them, they were a splurge. I found this DIY solution on Pinterest that may serve as inspiration. Other new purchases include the rug, chairs and seat cushions, all purchased from World Market. Paint color is Wasabi by Valspar.


{ Images click through to larger version. }


The prints of Panama above the window came out of a magazine from 1913. My maternal grandmother found it while rummaging through an antique store here in Charleston in 1955. She cut out the images, framed them, and sent them to my parents while they were visiting my grandparents in the Canal Zone for their first Christmas. **ETA – I completely forgot to mention that there were a few more, but sadly, they disintegrated when mom and dad tried to reframe then when they were redoing a room in their old house. We may eventually see if we can have them reframed/restored professionally.** The wrought iron table was purchased for our patio when I was a child. We repainted it Charleston Green last year before our move.

The curtain panel as purchased last year at Pottery Barn. It was the last panel but we knew that one day we’d use it with a window we’d never fully drape. I cut it down the middle, serged and hemmed it to make two filler panels.

The lead crystal lamp bases were purchased at an estate sale for a steal. Michael rewired them and cleaned them up. Here’s the Before | After shots. We got the shades from Rick’s Lighting, but it appears they don’t have a website. While I like the solution we found for the shades, I really, really want either tall drum shades or tall rectangular shades for these.

The lemon bowls were purchased from Gumps and the leaf plates from Pottery Barn.

The two wooden side tables were made by my great uncle in the 40’s, in the Canal Zone. They’re made of Honduran mahogany. The prints on both middle shelves came from GDC and the water colors on the bottom shelves were purchased during a trip to St. Croix in the 70’s. The silver pieces are from Colombia. The four small porcelain banana leaf boxes came from Elizabeth Stuart Design.

Purchased from the same antique shop as the float, for $22.00.

Swag lamp won on eBay and rewired by Michael. The white cord is actually from an extension cord. And the fleur de lis are in the right direction, we don’t know if it’s a mishap.

Glass float. We used to have a large antique float that was a gift to my grandmother in the 50’s when she was head of admissions at Gorgas Hospital in the Canal Zone while my grandfather was employed by the Canal Zone Company. She became a guardian angel of sorts to many people, among them, many of the sea merchants who passed through the canal. She received some of the old Japanese floats from one of the captains who had pulled them from the sea. She eventually passed them on to my father and his siblings. Ours fell from one of the trees several years ago and broke.

Rug Detail:
The ultimate approval!

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