Bon Weekend.

Now Showing: Works by Charlie Bidwell and Samantha Magowan
When: Opening reception July 17, 6-8 p.m. On view through Aug. 29
Phone: (843) 958-6484
Price: Free

{ I had to take these from pomegranita because the city gallery image must be down. 🙁 }

‘features the work of Los Angeles-based artists, Charlie Bidwell and Samantha Magowan. Samantha Magowan transforms herself in installations that are saturated with bright colors, psychedelic patterns and angles that create optical illusions. Photographer Charlie Bidwell utilizes an unusual amount of negative space, providing the viewer with a different viewpoint of the monumental architecture and billboards which dominate the American landscape. In their work, both artists reflect the influence and side-effects of living in an environment saturated with “stuff” and how it affects the eyes and minds of artists living in L.A., which ironically is the city responsible for the creation of such overwhelming mass-media.’

We’ll be at the reception tomorrow night!

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