An Ode to Blossfeldt

I remember my first introduction to Karl Blossfeldt’s work when I picked up a small, very abridged book of his work published by Taschen. I fell in love and bought the book. While I was in Paris with Michael four years ago, we stopped by the Taschen store in the Latin Quarter and I bought their complete published work edition. If you’re not familiar with him, here is a little info from the Taschen website:

‘German photography pioneer Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) photographed plants so beautifully, and with such originality, that his work transcends the medium itself. Over more than 30 years, he took thousands of photographs, revealing a formally rigorous talent whose precision and dedication bridge the nineteenth and twentieth century worlds of image making and bring a distinctly sculptural aspect to a firmly two-dimensional art form. Beautifully but starkly composed against plain cardboard backgrounds, Blossfeldt’s images, relying on a northern light for their sense of volume, reveal nothing of the man but everything of themselves. They are still-lifes, piercingly final statements on their subject, and have endured owing to their technical brilliance and the ongoing fascination of students and photographers. Like their maker, they are quietly and lastingly effective.’

I was searching online for something last week and stumbled upon a Flickr group dedicated to photos done in the style of and homage to Karl Blossfeldt, An Ode to Blossfeldt.

7725 poppyshell5x4

It’s a nice collection. I hope to see it grow.

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