Dinner with the Mad Scientist

ETA: Many thanks to Sarah Rae at Apartment Therapy for loving our stuff so much she featured us again! ♥

I’m imagining this will be what our home looks like when were old and Michael’s laboratory is filled with amazing pieces. Well, in my fantasies it does… minus the dirty plates and glasses. 😉 I think what I love most is that I didn’t have to clean or polish ANYTHING! The glasses and plates are all smudged and dusty and the silver is tarnished. All of it. I would love to build on this theme next year, bringing some of Michael’s larger Tesla coils/other HV ‘toys’ down from his studio. They do have to come downstairs for the big porch scene for Halloween night so we might as well bring them down early.

Oh, in case it was missed, here is the Aged Label DIY tutorial!

The skull prints were found on BibliOdyssey {so, so much love for that site}, resized and a little Photoshopped to clean up a bit. Propped up against the skull is an antique medical slide. I had six in my studio and after this venture I now have five. Oh well!

The spread.

Table details…
Bandages are supplied for the evening’s meal. I included moss in the scene as it was also used as a binding agent long ago.

Dining table detail shots not shown: Raven | Bone specimens of feet | Bone specimens of hands | Detail of severed foot label

Gateleg buffet details…
I tea stained cheesecloth for this and the other buffet. The eyeball dish and candle holders are making a return appearance.

Apothecary jars | Eyeballs | Slide | Label detail

Hunt table buffet details…
I think these may be my favorite. I used some of my antique perfume bottles and we also used one of our antique absinthe topettes, complete with a dose of some old fée verte. The porcelain glove mold is from my Farmers Market display cache. I think it might fit Frankenstein.

Collection | Vampire’s Blood | Felix Felicis | Topette | Felix Felicis

Hunt table buffet details…
Most of the items on the right belong to Michael. Antique Coors mortar & pestle, Pyrex reactor vessel and oil lamp. I snuck another medical slide in there along with another image from BibliOdyssey Red food coloring for blood stains… a little dab will do you.

Invitation to supper | Crow | Skull | Eye of Colossal Newt | Dragon’s Blood | Old Oil Lamp | Web

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