The Atticus Project

For those of you don’t know me via LiveJournal, I co-moderate the LJ community ‘SaucyDwellings’. The very talented Lara Rossignol of Piewacket (LJ handle honeywest) is one of our longtime members. She’s been an invaluable contributor since long before I stepped up to the helm. She submitted a post today asking for some help.

“My cat, Atticus, was recently diagnosed with mast cell cancer, the prognosis is good but the treatment is very expensive. So, I am having a kind of estate sale through my etsy shop to help fund his chemo…I am adding new stuff weekly to my store and if there is some specific item you are interested in from a past post, just let me know, almost anything is possible. I am also posting on my blog when I have new items or updates on Atticus.”

Loosing my dad 6.5 months ago to a rare Lymphoma and having lost Duncan yesterday to coronary disease, I really want to help in any way I can. I hope to be able to purchase one of her vintage finds or a print of one of her incredible images, but right now I feel the urge to get the word out.

Good luck to you both.

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