Laird Duncan Grant 2000 – 2010

aka Laird Doodlehead. Kitten (pictured below) called him the ‘best wedding date ever”. Well my dear, it’s time to find a new date.

Laird Duncan Grant
{ All images taken by the oh so lovely Ms. Stacey Bode. }

Some of you already know that he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure just after our move. We’ve been taking him to Ruth, his amazing vet, every week to try to find the best possible solution for comfort for however long he had. Unfortunately, his heart disease was just too far advanced. He went in for a check-up yesterday and he wasn’t looking so great. We have been so thankful that the holiday weekend was filled with such amazing weather that it allowed us some quality porch time over those last several days.

Doodle had an uneasy night last night. He had a hard time getting up the stairs this morning when he went outside. I took mom to the commissary and during that time he starting going into severe distress. Like, really bad. Michael got him calmed down, and when mom and I got home we called Ruth. We thought we could adjust his meds a bit but as soon as we hung up, he started again. I called back bawling my eyes out. We talked about bringing him in for some intravenous meds and oxygen. I said we’d try the adjusted protocol and wait a bit. But he couldn’t calm himself down. We all knew then what needed to be done. Michael and I leashed him up and barely got him to the car. I called to let Ruth and crew know we were on our way.

Once we gave the go ahead and Ruth confirmed it was the best for him, we had a few moments alone with him. Michael and I got on the floor with him and held him. We kept him close as Ruth and Melissa ever so gently gave him his injection. It was so peaceful and so surreal. I kept holding him for a bit. I honestly did not want to leave the room, after we stayed with him for a while. He looked like he was about to get up and walk out with us, but no.

Farewell, my friend. I love you and will miss you more than words can ever express.

It’s been a crazy year. I’m off to have several drinks – at home.

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  • lostandfawned

    Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear this, but glad to hear it was peaceful. As a fellow dog person, it breaks my heart.

    I'm having a glass of wine with you tonight in Ohio. Hang in there.

  • Erin

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your fuzzy chum and the difficult time it must have been. We're thinking of you.

  • Evita

    Thanks so much girls. xoxoxoxo

  • Renata Dos Santos

    Hey guys…Sorry I wasn't there. He was certainly a special guy in my life. I'll certainly miss the Doodle bug. I'll always remember him as a gentleman filled with a love for life and the occasional mischief 😉 Big hugs for you all. See you soon.

  • Evita

    We're so sorry you couldn't be there too. Mom and I had just picked up the fixings to FINALLY start crock-potting him. We're going to keep it in motion with the 'other cats'. 🙂