Input would be greatly appreciated!

Michael and I are eagerly awaiting our room set-up. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I feel like going with white walls would be the best with our limited light. I also want to do a stencil. I was considering making my own design but was introduced to an Etsy seller who makes reusable stencils. Now bear with me as I try to explain what I’m envisioning. I’m thinking of using a flat white (I know…) and then painting the stencil in a gloss white. I think that the reflection via the light from the window and our lamps will create a lush texture on the walls without being overbearing. I was thinking of a sumptuous damask but then found the argyle-like pattern which is pictured first.

Wall Stencils
Click image to enlarge.


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  • Stephanie

    I think that sounds like a great idea. I really like number 1!

  • Evita

    Thanks my dear! I'm still floored that I'm considering white.

  • Eve Trombley

    I really loved our white bedroom (surprisingly). It made the warm wood tones of our furniture and our awesome bedspread take center stage.

    I think the gloss/flat paint is a great idea! I also like #1.

  • Evita

    Thanks lady! I think I'm going to order the stencil tomorrow. Bought the paint the other day while having the dining room paint mixed. Yay!