The garden in review

We took the sunshade down this weekend and I took a few photos. I know I’ve posted a lot in reference to what we’ve done outside, but I thought it would be good to do a retrospective of this year’s work. We’ve had some great success and some things need to go back to the drawing board. We hope to get the patio done this fall, as well as the French drains. It was just too damn hot this summer to deal with that kind of work.

But first, here’s a detail shot of some Selaginella moss. There are more detail shots behind the jump.

There are some areas of the yard that I’ve left out because they’re struggling right now. Those are what will have to go back to the drawing board in the off-season.

Pond mid-February
I think getting this area done was the great motivator of the season. It’s wonderful having the doors and windows open again and hearing the sounds of the fountain throughout the house.

Two days later…

Early October
Ok, the plates HAVE to go, I know. The umbrella plant in the pot was divided a couple weeks ago and we’ll most likely put it in the ground in the next week or so.

Back area early February

Early October
We’re going back and forth about the poles. I was voting to take them down, but then we thought they could be used for stringing lights up. Maybe they should stay.

We have about 80 lbs. of worm castings in those white bags under the stand. We’ve made some great connections at the Farmers Market and are trading with them for plants and such. It’s great to come home every other weekend with a couple of plants. They also make our booth look much more inviting!

Here’s a shot before the shade came down. The poles in the pot worked well enough and I think once the patio is set we can pour a more stable anchor for them.

Early May

Early October

Back right corner early May

Early October

Side mid-April

Early October

One of the beds with a fungus that we tried to control but we lost a few plants, including the Japanese Maple. It lost all of it’s leaves in about a week and we transplanted it to a pot. It still looks awful but we’re holding out hope. The vegetable garden did… ok. At the time of building the box and planting, that section of the yard go a lot of sun but as we moved into summer it got less. We need to rethink this for next year.

And now for some of those detail shots!
Castor Bean Plant:




Ferns & Mosses:

Colocasia Esculenta ‘Mojito’

Cats Whiskers:


Passion Flower:

Of course, this post could have been pushed out a little earlier if I hadn’t been out this morning cleaning out the side beds!

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