Housecleaning and a new DIY page

I was updating a few posts this weekend when I discovered what seemed to be a *tiny* snafu when I imported all of the old posts from Blogger. I’m not exactly sure where things went wrong, but all of those posts had page errors when clicked on, as well as some serious taxonomy issues. It meant spending the evening hours during the weekend going into every post and republishing them, as well as adding the correct categories & tags. That’s good, that’s very good.

What’s even better is that this motivated me to create a new page dedicated to DIY projects we’ve worked on. Some have detailed steps and some are kind of basic, but I hope they’ll prove to be inspirational. We have several projects ‘on the books’ and will work those in as time allows. In the meantime…let me introduce the new page!

I still need to work through my categories and tags as well as making link categories, but for now, I think I’ve got things fairly in order.

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