Pinterest is like a virtual inspiration board where you pin things to a ‘board’ on your page. instead of pinning things to your wall. Your pins can be viewed by and shared with others. You can pin images from anywhere on the web, add your own notes about the image, and the bookmarklet credits and links back to the original image.

Currently, Victoria from sfgirlbybay and the folks from Pinterest are running ‘Pin It Forward‘, where various bloggers create boards of ‘What Home Means to Me’. I missed the sign-up for this series but I’ve decided to play along and work on my visual interpretation of home. I’m far from finished. Here is the board Lindsey has created thus far.

I have been blissfully running amok creating other boards, such as outdoor living ideas. It makes sense with the kick I’ve been on lately. I gathered some of the images posted here and elsewhere, and some via other members. After all, that’s the intent of the site. Here is what I’ve gathered for our ‘Outdoor Living’ board..

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  • Paul

    Hi, I work at Pinterest. Thanks so much for the post, and we're really liking your pins! If you have any issues or questions or suggestions, send me a note at paul [at] pinterest [dot] com. We'd love to hear from you.

  • Evita

    Thanks Paul! I am having a lot of fun with the site. I do have a question about 'invites' and will send you an email soon.

  • Bodhipuff

    Oh this is a perfect idea, I think. Especially for Graphic Designers and really anyone who thinks visually. Thanks for sharin!!!