Domestic Bliss – Through the garden gate.

{ Hipstamatic iPhone App Lens: John S | Film: Float | Flash: Off }

We’ve spent the last few days outside spray painting outdoor furniture and goods. I do most of the sanding (thank goodness for orbital sanders!) and Michael is the spray painting master. One of his college jobs was working at Sherwin Williams. The weather has been simply wonderful and all in all, it’s been very therapeutic.

While I’m waiting for Michael to finish, I have been walking around taking photos of various parts of this property. The house is in pretty poor shape, but the land around us is nothing short of spectacular. Some of the photos are good and some have come out a bit iffy. Sitting/standing still is sort of a challenge because the horseflies have been brutal recently. If I’m not mistaken it is their mating time. They’ll be quite the nuisance for about a month and then we generally don’t hear much from them for a year. I have some favorite spots that I’ll revisit over the next week and post to share.

Soon our beloved friend will have a new home to keep watch over.

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