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Bedroom progress

The week is half over and I still need to do a write-up of the Lowcountry Artist Market, which was a lot of fun. In the meantime, here is some bedroom progress to share!

We’ve needed a dresser in the bedroom since we’ve moved in but nothing has happened, for a variety of reasons. I have been hoping to score something close to a campaign chest for some time now. I came close to one at one of our local Habitats, but we didn’t have the extra funds at that time and it was gone when we went back. This particular Habitat is on the pricey side, btw. We’ve had a rattan dresser in the garage. My mother has had it for years but sometimes I have an aversion to it. But push came to shove on Sunday and Michael pulled it out, cleaned it and we brought it upstairs. I was originally thinking we’d shove it in the closet but something got the better of me and I put it in the corner on my side of the room. I like it. I think it works. I may eventually paint it but for now, it works. Oh, and several treasured pieces have been able to come out of storage we well! The red magazine rack refurb can be found in this post.

The Leo light can be seen lit up here. We still need to add the extra lights on the board and decide if it’s going to live there. I’m considering moving the Jane Avril over when we finish a frame project we found at a thrift store.

Here it is June, after we changed the comforter and I found the mirror, which I needed for the Farmers Market.

We bought the lamp two years ago with the intention of painting the wood and brass elements, but nothing has been done to it. So, I changed the lamp shade (we had the same color and style in house) and put it out. I have been able to make use of a small display case we found while thrifting earlier in the year.


Bat Garland revised and new Etsy store!

I decided to spruce up the booth last weekend and pulled out the bat garland I made last year. I like it, but to be honest, it looked sloppy. Too sloppy for my perfectionist self. So I pulled out the template and set about a new garland style that is no-sew AND no-glue! Each bat has two holes that allow the ribbon go through, making it completely adjustable. I also added black eyelets for stability. I was so happy with them that I’ve made several more and also used a second bat style. I have placed them for sale on OUR NEW ETSY  STORE… with 13 bats per 20′ length of black satin ribbon. We’re going to try some other Halloween stuffs in the next week.

Snow Dog

This past year has been marked by events both wondrous and unbearably heartbreaking. My father passed on the 20th of this month, and I’ll share a more fitting tribute to him then. The second great heartbreak of the year was in June when our beloved dog Duncan passed just after we moved into this house. He died of congestive heart failure and a massively enlarged heart. The irony is that he had been the heart and soul of my family for 10 years. He was there when I had to be in Atlanta during the hard months after my brother died eight and a half years ago. He was there for my mother a year later, when she got home from her countless journeys to the hospital to be with my sister-in-law before she died. He has been there for my niece and nephew, offering unconditional love to them. He was there when my dad’s real decline started not long after my brother’s death, sending him in and out of hospitals and rehab centers for years. Again, my mother spent countless days going back and forth to be with him, and when she got home Duncan was always at the door to greet her with a smile on his face and a wildly wagging tail. A gently placed muzzle on her shoulder kept her comforted so many times. When dad was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s he was there to support them and he made visits to the rehab centers and helped others.

My mother has a beautiful, large glass jar in which she has created beautiful displays. We wanted to create something for the holidays, so we removed the current contents and then filled it with buffalo snow, a small tree, our green acorns, a tiny pinecone and a Dalmatian figurine we always use for the season. I sprinkled our snow over the setting and now Duncan is set to play in his winter wonderland.

I still miss you big guy. It’s not the same around here without you. ♥

Bon Weekend – I pulled a Clark Griswold in the attic this week…

I had to take five from this project I’ve been working on in order to move stuff that has long needed to go up into attic before family arrives next week. It has a tricky little walkway from the main landing to a wider open area for storage. Now, I’m not sure who the braintrust was who decided to give the walkway a narrower plank, but not 15 minutes after I gripped I slipped and my leg fell through the ceiling, right next to the light/fan housing. Good news is that I missed a metal piece protruding from the light box that easily would have sliced open the back of my leg. Bad news is that we’ve had to cut out part of the ceiling to patch it before my uncle gets here next week.I’m going to have a whopper bruise on my inner thigh.I’ve been laughing my ass off since.

If only I had been wearing my headpiece, gloves and coat while I was traipsing around up there!

Pier at the Edge of America

Michael and drove out to Folly [ aka The Edge of America ] tonight to look at the Harvest Moon. We took several shots of the moon and the pier. This is the first that I have uploaded and had to share it! This one was taken by Michael.

{ Click image to enlarge }

More to come!

Autumn is upon us!

Ok, it’s a teeny bit before the Equinox and it’s been hot again these last several days, but the change in the air is very apparent and it makes us oh-so very happy!

Autumn '09

Autumn '09
{ Click images to enlarge. }

This was our tablescape in the bedroom last year. We need to start on the dining room, pronto!

LOHAS Magazine Feature

Several weeks ago one of our photos on Flickr received a comment from Lily, who is an editor for LOHAS magazine in China, asking us if we were interested in being featured in an article highlighting green weddings. LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. After we received some more information from Lily, Michael, Stacey and I talked and decided to go for it! We were sent 18 questions to fill out and were requested to send about 50 images from our wedding, our day after shoot, and a few Michael and I took during during the preparations phase.

Stacey received scans of the feature, and they used a photo in another feature! Here are the images I ripped from Stacey’s site…if you want to see larger versions, please visit her post. Just click on those images to enlarge.

{ Click images to enlarge }

We’ll be receiving our copies sometime soon and I’ll take photos of magazine then.

Thank you Lily!

Happy Monday.

Yesterday was my birthday. Michael drove us out to Edisto Beach (State Park) to spend the afternoon, and I’m looking forward to camping there during the fall. On the way home we picked up some Edisto seafood casserole and homemade key lime pie. We couldn’t wait till after dinner to bust into the pie. NOM.


Domestic Bliss – They loaded up the wagon and they moved it to Gwinnett…

When Michael moved in with me, neither one of us had much furniture. The logical thing to do was to hit IKEA to buy a bed, 2 bookcases, a dining room table, bar, sofa, coffee table, side tables, floating shelves, tv table, computer table, and a host of small stuff. We always knew it would be transitional furniture as we gathered ‘old stuff’ together.

Michael and Tyler are headed back to Atlanta today, and Michael is supposed to return mid to late week. Packed up with them is our tv, the tv table, and the small bookcase that Tyler will use in his room. In return, he will buy us a small tv that we will keep in the bedroom. As most of you know, this house is much smaller than the one we just left, the one that easily held ours and my parents households together. Moving these pieces has allowed a few of the ‘we don’t really have room for this’ furniture to be moved upstairs into our bedroom. They’re pieces we love and are happy to have in what will become our sanctuary once again.

A couple of photos taken in our last bedroom for reference…



That coffee table is in gnarly shape so it is going to be taken apart and possibly stored to be salvaged into something else at a later point.

My jewelry will go back to this display, with a little different flair.

Vintage jewelry

In other news, the stencil came in a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but we’ve decided there are too many angles and turns in the bedroom walls to make it anything less than hell to apply. I’m going to use it in the dining room and do a freehand design in the bedroom.

Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper

This tiny {leg expanse wasn’t wider than a dime} electric green guy was on the porch door yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Michael snapped the best shot he could, while all the time it was trying to jump at him. A friend helped identify it as Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper. In the southeastern US it is one of the most easily recognized jumping spider, with it’s neon green body and large orange ‘cap’. She’s an amazing photographer and said she would do ‘unmentionable things’ to get her hands on one. I’m trying to relocate it. 😉

Neon spider

More on the Magnolia Green Jumper. >>

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