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Hello, Handsome

Michael spied this yesterday on one of the cactuses on the front steps.

I always love running into these guys around the garden, especially the wee ones during spring/early summer. I would love to think it’s ancestry dates back to when we set out the egg sac but I haven’t a clue.

Bon Weekend – Meanwhile on Apartment Therapy…

Two amazing spaces that I’ve had the honor to share recently!

Leila & Buff’s Beautiful Beach Abode

Loree’s Dangerously Beautiful Garden

Here’s to a safe, fabulous and inspired weekend!

One more to end the week

Our Amorphophallus konjac (aka: Voodoo Lily) just arrived! It’s almost 4 inches and already sprouting a new shoot. We don’t know if we’ll have a bloom this year or if we’ll need to wait a year or two, but the stinky goodness will be worth the wait.

{ Blooming lily photo credits: 1 | 2 | 3 }

Bon Weekend – Nice surprises

It’s been another slow week here blogwise. I have added more to already heavy DIY list and if I get any of them finished I’ll probably have content for a month! We were thrilled at this surprise popping up from the open compost pile on Wednesday… a sweet Alocasia. I have no idea when we tossed any tubers, but somehow one got in the pile so it was quite a shock when we actually stuck our heads over the fence instead of just tossing over yard refuse.

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

Monday, Monday – Last week in pictures

A couple weeks back a flower on Pinterest let me to discovering the Puya berteroniana – the Turquoise Puya – an incredibly beautiful terrestrial Bromeliad from Chile. It is a slow grower, taking several years for it to flower, and once it does a gardener’s patience is well rewarded! As it is a bromeliad, these plants are primarily monocarpic, meaning they die once they finish flowering. I’ve read that since these are such prolific growers that the death of a single rosette in a larger colony of Puyas is almost unnoticeable. I hope to be able to draw my own conclusions in a few years. 😉

The plants aren’t readily available for sale online and I decided to use this opportunity to make my first purchase at Annie’s Annuals & Perrenials. This has been a long time coming and I am very thankful right now that 95% of what I’d like to order is out of stock! This is our little Puya, which arrived last week along with a Cerinthe major purpurascens “Blue Honeywort” and a Crassula erosula ‘Campfire’.

I picked up this Huernia zebrina from Danielle a couple weeks ago, on my Farmers Market Saturday and finally got around to taking a photo. I’ve always called it the Lifesaver plant. Apparently, I am not alone!

While I was squatting down photographing the Huernia I took a moment to get a shot of these beautiful Sempervivum flowers.

I also get to make a ‘I love our friends’ shout out because these yummy chocolate cocoa bean candy acorns by Andie’s Specialty Sweets arrived the same day as the package from Annie’s.

They didn’t last the afternoon. I had a hard time keeping Michael away from the tea cup while I was taking this shot with the phone. Thank you, Stephanie! ♥

I ended the week with some terrific news that I’ll be sharing soon. Here’s to a wonderful and hopefully cooler week!

Photo credits: { 1 | 2 | 3 }

Monday, Monday

Saturday found me out running a few errands. One of the traffic lights in the area was having some hiccoughs and I took an alternate route, which took me near a flea market that we are always forgetting to visit. I stopped by in hopes of finding planting vessels and I was thrilled to leave with a lovely bundle in my arms! First is this lovely vintage ceramic elephant planter. Most that I’ve seen are usually stands/seats and this is slight smaller and an actual planter. I also happened upon two vintage green ceramic planters. I was eyeing a third, but it was a McCoy, and even though I was willing to spend $10 on it for it’s beauty, I wasn’t sure if I could allow myself to drill a hole through it. If it’s at the next market I may just get it for another use. We filled top of the elephant (who may or may not be named) with succulents and the other two with some of the carnivorous plants that were getting a little crowded in the big pot-bog.

I’m looking forward to our next excursion! A nice way to end one week and start another.

Bon Weekend – Marimo balls

A while back I was searching on eBay for live moss for the bonsai and carnivorous plants. It led me to the cutest things that I’ve seen in a while – Marimo balls. They’re a mass of algae that get their shape from tumbling over rocks at the bottom of the lakes they inhabit. Marimo balls are highly prized in Japan and the annual Marimo Matsuri festival is held in their honor. The Japanese believe them to bring good luck and adopt them as ‘pets’. The marimo were given protected status in Iceland in 2006. They’re slow growers and the large one is supposed to be around 7 years old. They also enjoy a swirl around with your finger (or stick of some sort) as it simulates lake currents. This is supposed to help them stay green and healthy.

We purchased one large and five small balls from a seller on eBay and they arrived yesterday. We split them into two very small thrifted apothecary jars. I was asked on Instagram whether we take the lids off at night (Hi Sarah Rae!). I asked myself the same question last night. Since the water is supposed to be changed every one to two weeks, I’m guessing the lids can stay on? I have to admit I’m a little clueless. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt/be any trouble to take the off periodically.

I will update on their progress. Any feedback/information is welcomed!

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

Bon Weekend – Operation Jurassic Park

The new fence is up around the pond. I was originally cracking ‘Escape From New York/Snake Plissken’ jokes but Michael thought ‘Jurassic Park’ was more appropriate. The quick attempt to get the barrier up had us using what we had lying around… small wood dowels. They weren’t much but enough to last until we got something sturdier. For cost purposes we went with PVC piping.

I was also motivated me to make a few changes in the planting scheme in front of the pond. I was not happy with some of the sedum I used and pulled it out to make room for three clumps of Hakone grass that I’ve been wanting to move to a more prominent location. We added pea gravel and three pavers for maintenance purposes. They’ll make things easier when we have to clean filters and such, as well as adding ledges for various containers. I like this new direction with the plants and will look much nicer when the wall comes down in a few months.

Here’s Harry, by the way.

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

{ Images click through to larger versions. }

Bon Weekend – share the love edition

I’m going to end the week with a shout out to another Inman Park Festival vendor, Southeast Succulents. I stumbled upon their booth while on my way to pick up some lunch and to the ATM machine. We NEED sea urchin shells and we can always use more air plants, and the three combo deal just couldn’t be beaten. These are now living in the bedroom and I’m sure we’ll give them some outdoor time every now and then!

Speaking of more air plants, we grabbed a couple while we were at Hyams the other day. We needed to replace the ones we lost over the winter. We also decided to attach them to an old hanging planter in hopes of making it easier to bring them inside when the cold weather is upon us once again. The old branch screwed to the railing wasn’t as easy. 😉

Thanks so much, we really enjoy the new additions to the family!

Also, I would like to thank Apartment Therapy for including our garden space as part of their Great Outdoors series. We have a long way to go but I hope we’ve provided a little inspiration.


As I mentioned yesterday, our third anniversary was on the 1st. We don’t normally subscribe to the ‘anniversary gift giving guide‘, but if we did I’m sure we could have said that we’d purposely given each other this beautiful Nepenthes Miranda because of it’s leathery pitchers. Nah, it was the perfect gift for us.

I think the humidity levels right now are just right. I am having to use that mantra as we’re beginning to swelter!

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