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I Command Thee…

I first ran across Portland, Maine’s design studio Atmostheory‘s work when I pinned Land.Sea.Air to my wish list. I’ve this post sitting in draft mode for a while and decided to go back and look through the site. I love the collection but the series of Commands really tickles me as I’m a key command junkie, especially in Photoshop.

{ Close your eyes and open your mind } { Please do not copy – create something new }
{ Save me from these fools }

Happy Monday!

So many friends are blanketed in a winter wonderland this morning. I looked out the window and there’s NO SNOW. In Charleston, can you believe it? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. We finally addressed the paint situation in our bedroom yesterday and will finish up other odds’n’ends in there today. I’m a tad embarrassed we let it go so long. Pictures soon!

I found these blankets yesterday via Pinterest and had to share them.

Mario Blanket
Super Mario
{ Photos by Flickr user The Yarn Geek. }

Keep warm!

Visit the elves in Historic Rivendell!

Thanks to my friend Mari, I found this amazing poster on her Tumblr page. I’ve now satisfied at two { very important } facets of my taste spectrum today!

Made by Steven Thomas Art.

Blogger|Facebook Image Fail

It looks like I’m not the only one not able to link posts to Facebook and receive the dreaded ‘image not available’ from Flickr. I was getting extremely frustrated, especially since I’ve made a Happy Heathen page on FB. I searched the Flickr Help Forums and found this thread. I’m hoping for a speedy resolution. And yes, I meant that pun!

Ultimate Bachelors Bathroom

Our dear friend Mike { or Liver, as most affectionately call him } played host to our incredible Labor Day weekend in Allentown. He lives downtown in a gorgeous white Brickote Victorian, built in 1874. He’s lived there for many years and is slowly renovating the place. I think one of the showcase features of the home is the upstairs bathroom, a true mens palace. Mike had a urinal built in the middle of the room with the commode on the opposite side. Now, some of you may think ‘EW’ at the thought, but from a man’s prospective { or at least every guy I’ve shown these photos to, not to mention the guys at the Fest™ } it’s all ‘hell yeah’. It’s one of the cleanest spaces I’ve ever encountered. Then again, the whole house is kept pretty immaculate. There are some finishing details that need to be completed. That just means that Michael and I are just going to have to go back sometime soon to see if finished. 🙂



bath5 bath7
{ Please note that these photos were taken on Day 3 of party festivities… }

Yay! I found a photo of the front of the house that one of our friends snapped.
Attached Image-4

Lights were all Tec Lighting, can get them from lots of upscale/commercial places.
Urinal – Home Depot online.
Sinks – custom made dyed concrete.
Faucets – Kraus Millennium from
Lockers – a now closed commercial reclamation charity place.

Sadly, I did not get any decent photos of the tiny broom closet bathroom conversion that is pretty darn incredible.

Happy Labor Day!

Here are a few images from The Great Allentown Fair, which we attended Saturday late afternoon/early evening. We actually did things besides sitting around drinking copious amounts of absinthe all weekend!

swing1 Jester
Fried Dough haunted
{ Click images to enlarge }


*Sigh* I would love to see Singer come out with a new series of machines with vintage inspired details.

Old Singer Machine
{ Pictured above is my Singer Model 66, made in 1929. }

Mug Shot Greeting Card

Brilliant! This made me laugh harder than I had in a while, as it could easily be Junior in that photo.

Etsy Listing >>

Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper

This tiny {leg expanse wasn’t wider than a dime} electric green guy was on the porch door yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Michael snapped the best shot he could, while all the time it was trying to jump at him. A friend helped identify it as Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper. In the southeastern US it is one of the most easily recognized jumping spider, with it’s neon green body and large orange ‘cap’. She’s an amazing photographer and said she would do ‘unmentionable things’ to get her hands on one. I’m trying to relocate it. 😉

Neon spider

More on the Magnolia Green Jumper. >>

Life is Apptacular!

I love the paris apartment. I’m always looking forward to the daily finds in my Google Reader. I was thrilled to read today that Claudia has launched an iPhone app: Keys To The Fleas!

Michael and I only had a day and a half in the city when we were in France four years ago. I dreamt of having time to hit a couple of flea markets but we ended up doing some other wonderful things during our very limited time there.

I won’t be able to take advantage of navigating through the streets of Paris with it just yet, but I can sit back and enjoy fantasy trip or 50. 🙂

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