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Bon Weekend – Black Light Fun

Michael is always looking for a chance to play with his black/uva light device. We have a small collection of vaseline/uranium/ouraline glass and are always looking to add to our collection. We have smaller version we carry with us when we’re hunting for vaseline glass. We’ve been asked how we’ve created some of the effects, so I thought I’d share a few things.

Our Halloween displays used a more focused exposure to the light as we were shooting in daylight and we were using a diluted solution for the specimen jars.

Our vaseline bowl, which was achieved by moving the light from the side, up over the top and to the other side. Rinse, lather and repeat for the duration of the timer.


Bon Weekend

I’m so very thankful that the issues in my last post were resolved quickly and rather painlessly. Michael is now the proud owner of a new phone (he’s like a kid with new puppy) and Best Buy exchanged the DVD player. Apparently they only have a 30 day grace period, including total failure, but they were more than happy to do it.

I have been working on a new round of pillows that will be finished tonight and hopefully be for sale tomorrow!

Have a great weekend.

Bon Weekend – Muwhahahahahah!

We’re a few steps closer to next year’s frightening show. Michael had an old 22 amp variac that needed work because of water damage. He fixed it and then built a beautiful case to house it. The meter is vintage Weston that he modified by installing two blue LED’s inside.

As the title states… Muwhahahahahahahahaha!

Only three days left!

Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color 2001 Contest

Evita’s ‘Vintage Panama’ Room
We would love, love, love your vote!

Mmmmm… who’s hungry?

So, I mentioned earlier in the week that we kept the Halloween decorations up so our friends Steph and Cat could see them up close and personal during their visit. After the refrigerator emergency, we dismantled everything. We had to let the severed body parts dry and before packing them up I snapped a few shots, with wait for it… the Instagram app!

It’s about lunch time, wouldn’t these be just tasty? Ok, back to trying to get a few things done around here!

Happy Monday – Infected with more technology

I’ve had the Instagram app on my phone for a long time but have never used it. As I’ve become a little more active on Twitter I’ve noticed many people using it, so when a couple of my our friends came to visit this weekend and took some sweet shots via the app, I got hooked. Here are a couple of Michael’s studio.

We left the Samhain decorations up for them to see in person, and here’s one of Steph’s shots.

Oh yeah, this app is a keeper.


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some tinkerings from the other side of the hall, so here’s a sweet little gadget Michael finished last night.

Says Michael, “I’ve been experimenting with a device that way be able to suck the free electrons from the Earth. The Earth is a big capacitor which contains free electric charges. If it is possible to create or to find a potential imbalance between two points in the ground, it seems possible to suck additional electrons from the ground and thus to create an increase of the current flow through a wire connected between these two points. Early in his researches in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla wanted to collect free energy from the Earth capacitor between the ground and the ionosphere by the use of a parametric resonance with the TMT project. Later, Tesla found that it is possible to do the same process with only the use of the ground by using the natural imbalance of the ground potential produced by the telluric currents flow underground and Tesla found that this could be done by the use of an asymmetric displacement of current. To help me find the imbalance of the ground potential on the surface of the Earth induced by underground telluric currents, I have built and I use a experimental surface tellurmeter (a low impedance electrometer).”

I’ll just call it purrty.

Pretty in pink

Or… you really can teach old broads new tricks!

Last month we migrated mom over to our family plan and got her an iPhone. She’s been mesmerized with ours and we knew after we bought her a Nook last year that she would catch on quickly. She’s not a fan of loud colors but we chose the case so that it would be easy for her to spot when it isn’t with her. The second is the new Nook Color. Her birthday was on Monday and we decided to upgrade her and all I can say is wow, what a difference between first gen and this! We also got her a matching atomic pink cover. We’re hoping the Nook will be able to stream Flash soon and that they’ll get apps for Netflix and HBO so she can kick back and watch movies on it. In the meantime, it’s mahjong to her heart’s delight!

Bon Weekend – Rage against the throw away technology.

Michael never ceases to make me smile. His monitor died the other day and he’s been trying to adapt to the Mac OS on my laptop {he replaced the keyboard after I spilled my tea on it last year} until we could buy a new one. He was totally loving the transition, but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to pull the monitor apart and saw that three of the capacitors were starting to swell. He took them off and tested them to find out they were indeed bad. Thankfully his High Voltage obsession has caused him to collect just about every size cap out there and he was able to fix the monitor.

For some reason I thought this deserved a pictorial of sorts. The part of camera shy Michael is being played today by Nunzilla.

Nunzilla thought she was being funny until she realized she needs reading glasses. They say W5A.

So take that throw away technology!

Smart Lighting Ideas

Oh Dornob, how I love thee!

{ Photos taken from the Dornob post. }

It pays to be Square

My new Square arrived the day before the Lowcountry Artist Market and I’m quite happy to have it. It’s a pretty nifty gadget that works well as long as the user works well. My one problem with it stemmed from my lack of patience with a slow connection during a purchase and not realizing the charge had gone through, and quit the app. The customer paid me cash and it wasn’t until she got home that she noticed her bank had pulled the funds. I contacted customer support and they voided the charge. Their turnaround time in answering my email was within a couple of hours, which extremely satisfactory in my opinion. I’m glad to have run into such a problem in the beginning while things weren’t busy, and to test various aspects of the system. I’m giving it a big ole A at this time!

HEY! I’m giving away that sassy choker in the right column tomorrow! It’s quite comfortable, if I should say so myself.

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