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Bon Weekend – Anniversaries

I moved the blog from Blogger a year ago this week. I’ve been very happy with WordPress so far. I’ll celebrate three years of big time blogging in August. Woot!

I took a few Instagram photos of some of the plants today. I’m happy to see more life emerging from the ground. The mild winter has been great in some respect but we’re going to pay for it this summer. The good:

It’s mid-March and some of the ginger is already above my knee.

The kaffir lime did very well in the pot and only lost a bit off the top.

I’m still scratching my head with this peony. We thought it long dead last summer but here it is!

I love Green Fever. Please have a safe and fabulous weekend. If the weather works, I hope everyone gets some quality outside time!

Bon Weekend – under the sea

The antique sea life prints arrived yesterday and they’re lovely. We’re having the Edmund Dulac print framed by a cousin as a wedding gift. She reminded me that we never collected on her offer (it’s been almost three years now), so now we are! Better late than never, eh? I’m glad that I’ll have these to take along for the ride. I’m thinking we’ll be able to do some serious brainstorming.

Bon weekend, I hope it’ll be safe and fabulous!

Bon Weekend

It’s been a good week thus far. I received my letter of acceptance for the 2012 Charleston Farmers Market season and I’m thrilled to be returning! I also sold my sweet baby blue dragon tote this week. I gave it a great big hug before sending it off to it’s new home.

I’ll end the blogging week with some photos my friend Amy shared with me last night of an exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco featuring Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping. The piece is called ‘Wu Zei’, a cuttlefish-octopus hybrid measuring 25 metres. It is hung over the museum’s main chandelier (known as Medusa chandelier) allowing the head to glow.

Read more about this installation on the Oceanographic website and Art Culture.

{ All images from }

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Bon Weekend – Favorite places

My grandmother used to always tell me that you can judge a city by how they honor their dead. Despite our city’s imperfections I think we do pretty well in this department. We were downtown yesterday for the Charleston Farmers Market jurying (I missed the in-season vendor day as I was prescheduled for another event). We spent some of the downtime yesterday at one of my favorite places in the world… Magnolia Cemetery. It was a perfect blend of sunny and overcast and we got some great shots, but I’ve only had time to edit a few.

Rosalie Raymond. She’s been one of my favorites since I first started visiting the cemetery.


{ Click on images to enlarge. }

Have a safe and fabulous weekend. I’ll have some new goodies to post next week and hopefully some more images from Magnolia!

Bon Weekend – Middleton Montage

Wow, it’s been almost a month since we did our annual excursion to the Inn at Middleton Place & Middleton Gardens and I am now finally getting to post some of the photos starting with the sundial in the sundial garden! I thought to provide a detailed write up but if I wait to to it I’ll never share these so I’ll let the photos do the talking. I have more photos to edit and will share them soon. Perhaps then I’ll conjure up the some more exciting words! Oh, the smaller images can be clicked on for a more detailed view.

There are several artisans working on the property recreating various goods for visitors to watch and buy.




And last but not least, a shot of one of the many beautiful camelias in the gardens.

ETA – I forgot to mention that we bought a cutting of this type of camelia for mom. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop! There several beautiful larget camelia bushes at the old house, which either my grandmother or great grandmother planted. We’re trying to get a collection started for mom. Also missing is a magnolia tree or few.

Bon Weekend – Urchin for details

I was putting together another ‘Delve into 2012’ post dedicated to the upstairs guest room. I went to snag the URL for the bedside tables and mocked myself for never buying the seafoam Urchin Test knobs (and are we sure they’re not poppy pods?) from Anthropologie. I’d had them on my wish list since they came out and I watched as they dropped from $8 to $2.95 and stayed glued to my seat with inactivity until they were no longer available. I googled them for an image source when I stumbled upon them at the site. What? I got greedy and immediately placed an order for 8 and I was told there weren’t that many remaining, so I tried again and selected 4. Hurray, the order went through. I was ecstatic. I got my confirmation email and was happy. Later in the evening I received the tracking info and saw that only three were shipping. I didn’t care, I really only wanted two in the first place and was happy to have an extra… just in case. I decided to click on the item link and was greeted with ‘We’re sorry. This item is no longer available’. Did I just score the last three seafoam colored knobs? I don’t know, but I do know I’m pretty stoked right now.

Cheers to them arriving safely and going on the tables without issue! I think they’ll look quite awesome.

We still need to add mirrored tops to the tables.

Bon Weekend – Getting festive

We had a lovely gathering at one of our relatives’ house and today we’re cooking our own dinner! I don’t have any photos of the table my mother put together, so I’ll continue to share her setup from a couple years back, which was really beautiful!

If you’re participating in Black Friday please, please support independent/local artists & boutiques/online shops. 🙂

ETA – Ha, I had no idea about Small Business Saturday!

Bon Weekend – Veterans Day

Thanks to everyone who has served and are serving for this country. I may not always agree with the policies that take us into combat, but your service is to be honored.

This is one of my favorite photos of my father.

Bon Weekend – Reunion

Sometimes I forget that some of the smallest things around me carry a great load of importance, especially when I consider that so many of them were given to me by dear friends. I unpacked a large box that hasn’t been opened since the move and got a bit weepy. It felt like a renunion of sorts. I liked that. A lot.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Bon Weekend – Deep Sea Floor

Come hell or high water, the studio will be cleared today for operation ‘Make It Happen’ to… happen.

Speaking of blue seas, here’s a dreamy image from my ‘Calgon’ Pinterest board!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see y’all next week!

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