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Ronit Baranga

A friend sent me a link to the work of Israeli artist Ronit Baranga and I had to share it. I absolutely adore and want all of her tableware!


Happy Monday!

This is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy week. I have a lot of things to post but I’m busy trying to get ready for all of this!

Wonder Women

The Wonder Women Show is a collection of artists celebrating powerful and strong females everywhere! We will be having local art and music, as well as a fashion show, belly dancing, and jewelry vendors. Hula hoops will probably abound, and we are hoping to have some spoken word and possibly fire poi. All in all, it is shaping up to be a fantastic evening.

Feel free to wear your most fabulous and empowered outfit to the show!!

For more info, please visit the Facebook event page.

Atelier Gallery

Grand Opening Cocktail Reception
My work is now being carried this beautiful gallery.

For more info, please visit the gallery events page.

Holy City Artist and Fleas (Saturday & Sunday)

For more info, please visit the HCAF Facebook event page.


While we were in Nassau in February to celebrate Aileen’s birthday, our cab driver gave us a couple of Bahamian coins to bring back home. I wanted to do something fun with one of the coins to remind me of our weekend and gave it to my CFM neighbor, Stella Maris, to make into a ring. Stella is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful jewelry. I absolutely love it.

If you’re in Charleston, please stop by and see her work. She’s at the Farmers Market on the first and third Saturdays and also organizes the Holy City Artist and Fleas.


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some tinkerings from the other side of the hall, so here’s a sweet little gadget Michael finished last night.

Says Michael, “I’ve been experimenting with a device that way be able to suck the free electrons from the Earth. The Earth is a big capacitor which contains free electric charges. If it is possible to create or to find a potential imbalance between two points in the ground, it seems possible to suck additional electrons from the ground and thus to create an increase of the current flow through a wire connected between these two points. Early in his researches in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla wanted to collect free energy from the Earth capacitor between the ground and the ionosphere by the use of a parametric resonance with the TMT project. Later, Tesla found that it is possible to do the same process with only the use of the ground by using the natural imbalance of the ground potential produced by the telluric currents flow underground and Tesla found that this could be done by the use of an asymmetric displacement of current. To help me find the imbalance of the ground potential on the surface of the Earth induced by underground telluric currents, I have built and I use a experimental surface tellurmeter (a low impedance electrometer).”

I’ll just call it purrty.

Pretty in pink

Or… you really can teach old broads new tricks!

Last month we migrated mom over to our family plan and got her an iPhone. She’s been mesmerized with ours and we knew after we bought her a Nook last year that she would catch on quickly. She’s not a fan of loud colors but we chose the case so that it would be easy for her to spot when it isn’t with her. The second is the new Nook Color. Her birthday was on Monday and we decided to upgrade her and all I can say is wow, what a difference between first gen and this! We also got her a matching atomic pink cover. We’re hoping the Nook will be able to stream Flash soon and that they’ll get apps for Netflix and HBO so she can kick back and watch movies on it. In the meantime, it’s mahjong to her heart’s delight!

Bon Weekend – Rage against the throw away technology.

Michael never ceases to make me smile. His monitor died the other day and he’s been trying to adapt to the Mac OS on my laptop {he replaced the keyboard after I spilled my tea on it last year} until we could buy a new one. He was totally loving the transition, but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to pull the monitor apart and saw that three of the capacitors were starting to swell. He took them off and tested them to find out they were indeed bad. Thankfully his High Voltage obsession has caused him to collect just about every size cap out there and he was able to fix the monitor.

For some reason I thought this deserved a pictorial of sorts. The part of camera shy Michael is being played today by Nunzilla.

Nunzilla thought she was being funny until she realized she needs reading glasses. They say W5A.

So take that throw away technology!

Bon Weekend – New Discoveries

Mix media artist Betsy Youngquist! Oh my, I love her work.

From her Etsy profile page:
Betsy Youngquist’s mixed media beadwork reflects a fascination with the intersection of humans, animals, and mythology. Stemming from a life-long love of all creatures great and small, Betsy’s work weaves together the human and animal spirit through a surrealistic lens.

When creating her embellished objects, Betsy collaborates with sculptor R. Scott Long in designing and constructing the forms. Each piece starts as a unique carving. The surfaces are encrusted with beads and found materials in a mosaic process, often incorporating fragments of old porcelain dolls.

To learn more about Betsy and to see more of her amazing work, please visit her Etsy store or her website.

{ All photos are from Betsy Youngquist’s site and Etsy store. }

Militant Guild of Rural Tailors

Rural Tailor Brass Knuckle Scissors 1
Knuckle “Guildsman’s Shears”

A dear friend posted a link to this photo hosted on Tumblr. Now, like so many photos posted on Tumblr of which I’m a guilty party, there’s not a speck of information provided. Anyway, I did an image search to find out more about them and stumbled across the Flickr account of Militant Guild of Rural Tailors Research Group, which lead me to their blog. From what gathered reading the blog and elsewhere, it functions to showcase a beautifully crafted menswear line cloaked in a creatively designed hoax to expose an underground tailors guild, a rebellion against mass manufactured mediocrity, ‘Tailors against Taylorism‘.

The blog has a lot of great historical information woven into the fantasy but sadly, the site hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors 2a
Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors

Rural Tailor's Crown 1
Rural Tailor’s Crown

Rural Tailor Thimble-Tipped Bullet
Thimble -Tipped Bullet

All of the props were made by Young Meagher, I believe.

ClayCell Ceramics

I don’t know if anything I could write about these pieces made by artist Kelly Wu in Oregon could do them any justice. A picture can say a thousand words, can’t it?

All of these lovelies are for sale at Kelly’s Etsy store, and she’ll be at the Ceramic Showcase at the Convention Center (in Portland), April 29, 30 & May 1, 2011.

Elin Thomas aka ELINtm

I just stumbled upon the work of UK artist ELINtm on Pinterest today. Time to add another to the *smitten* list!

Be sure to check out her Etsy & Big Cartel shops.

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