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I stumbled across the work of Doubleparlour today.

‘Doubleparlour is an art collaboration between Ernie and Cassandra Velasco. Both are artists who like to explore a variety of subject matters with different mediums. Some works are done as a joint effort and others are solo works. Current work includes drawings, prints, paintings and polymer clay sculptures.’

Francine already has home. Lucky them!

Wild Turkeys

One of the many wonderful things about the property we rent is that we have wild turkeys. On several occasions we have seen them come up to the cars in front of the house. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. The cats were out at the time.

Junior, who is our beloved grumpy old cat with no teeth, decided to walk out for a closer look. The turkeys were not impressed.

{Photo credit: Michael Judd}

BiPolar Tesla Coil

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

This is one of my favorite coils that Michael has built. He started on a series last year that is inspired by a vintage aesthetic, something that people would want to keep on display. This one was finished just before we moved. I hope he starts to build these again.

The porthole in front of the spark gap is a beautiful green glass that came from a cache from my mother. She started making stained glass about 20 years ago but with her back/neck/wrist problems it became too difficult for her to manage. Some of her glass supplies came from the Blenko glass factory. My brother drove up to the factory to purchase it for her.

brian dettmer: cassette tape skeletons

I posted this earlier but I was having firewall issues with the image causing my browser to hang. Credit goes to my dear friend Aad.

brian dettmer: cassette tape skeletons
‘atlanta based artist brian dettmer creates intricate sculptural skeletons using altered cassette tapes. dettmer began creating the pieces in 2005 as he was thinking about the demise of analog media in the increasingly digital world. one day as dettmer was walking down the street he spotted a dead bird and an idea hit him. ‘here was this thing that used to live, its used to fly around and play a vital role, and now it is dead and all that remains is the solid material.’ dettmer was quick to extrapolate this idea linking the bird’s life to that of the cassette. he transformed the skeleton of old cassettes into literal animal skeletons. this lead to a series of 12 human skulls made from tapes, each with a different theme like heavy metal or hard rock. the most complex piece in this body of work is a full skeleton made from over 180 cassettes. all the pieces are made using only cassettes tapes with no glue, tape or other outside materials. while dettmer couldn’t revel his process to designboom, he did tell us that he heats the plastic up so he can literally form and weld them with his wet hands and other tools.’


The Woodsman’s Wife

I really need to finish a couple of the projects I’ve been yammering on about, but inertia has gotten the better of me today. Instead, I’m posting this lovely piece I found cruising through the intarwebs. I’m always looking for something that I can reproduce as a costume.

Steven Kenny

Found via FFFFOUND!

Boys and their toys

This is Michael’s ‘lab’ where he produces his high voltage toys. The lab is upstairs next to the bedroom so we have to deal with the same hurdles/restrictions as the bedroom, such as the awful carpet and the mauve/purple Formica shelving. Mmmmm.

I have one more photo I might try to slip in later.

Jiffycoil's Toys

Jiffycoil's Toys
The silver globe on the floor is a Van de Graff generator, Michael’s current project. The stand is the first cake stand for our wedding cake until we realized we’d cut it too narrow.

Jiffycoil's Toys
Mmmmm…I love power tools.

Jiffycoil's Toys
One day I’ll take a photo of Michael reenacting the famous Nikola Tesla portrait where he’s holding the giant lightbulb

Jiffycoil's Toys

Jiffycoil's Toys
Meters and regulators.

Jiffycoil's Toys
Neon Sign Transformers

Jiffycoil's Toys
You can see the Marx generator in the background.

Jiffycoil's Toys
I liked this photo better.

Jiffycoil's Toys
Control box built by Michael featuring a variac.

Jiffycoil's Toys
Yup, this is anal but I cannot tell you how much time this has saved trying to find the right screwdriver when Michael has his hands full and can’t reach them.

Vaseline Bowl

Vaseline glass, also known as uranium/ouraline glass glows under black light and has a beautiful hue with natural light. We have a few pieces and always want more. Michael has a little black light just for the purpose of highlighting the glass.

Many old glasses were cast in molds that had traces of uranium in them and will have a slight glow under black light. Some of them begin to develop a purplish hue as they age due to this. If you have any old glasses, put them under black light and see if it glows. Another interesting detail is that some of our modern Pontarlier glasses actually have a glow. They were made using the old molds and some of the uranium imparted into the glass.

This bowl was a gift from our dear friend Stephanie and her husband Josh. Little do they know we’d had this style of bowl on watch before. I can honestly say it’s a perfect match! We’re so very lucky to have received so many wonderfully unique treasures from everyone.

Thank you!

Pin Cushion Cuff

When my friend Aad was getting ready to come over for the wedding he asked his dear friend, the incredibly talented Natasja Martens of G+N / fashionfugitive, to make something special for me. He kept joking that I’d never guess what was coming. One day he wanted to know if it was alright if he asked me a personal question. Sure! Then he asked what I thought was my waist size. So I gave it to him, in centimetres. He kept coming back to me saying that it couldn’t possibly be right, that it was far too big. Um, ok I knew I’d gained some weight in the last couple of years and that the Dutch are generally much more fit than we Americans, and it took us about 10 minutes of trying to figure out if something was lost a bit in translation (Aad’s english is actually better than mine) only to discover that my slightly hazey eyes misread the question. They wanted to know the size of my WRIST. 🙂

The silk comes from the late Dutch designer Percy.

This is one of the many one-of-a-kind gifts we received. A piece that I absolutely adore and I cannot wait to meet the lovely Ms. N.

I am hoping to do a more stylized photo op sometime soon.

Photo from Dragon*Con

{Photo credit: Dawn Murphy}

This was taken Saturday night after our photo shoot. I was very surprised I could still get into that corset and bustle!

Green Wedding Shoes

{Photo credit: Stacy Bode}

These vintage Andrew Geller shoes were originally bought at Stefan’s in Atlanta when I was a bridesmaid in Ms. Bode’s wedding. They had sassy hot pink linen rectangular tabs on the toe, but for Stacey’s wedding I pulled them off and replaced them with orange gerbera daisies. Our bridesmaid colors were orange and we carried bouquets of green hydrangeas.

Last year I had them resoled at Peter & Sons in South Windermere shopping center. The insoles and toe embellishments were done by me and the sterling acorn brooches were purchased on eBay. One was a killer deal and the other used up the savings from the first. Of course, I didn’t think there were too many around so I pounced on both auctions. I saw two more about two weeks later for closer to the price of the first brooch but I knew I needed to get them when I could. I used Swarovski hot fix rhinestones in the color olivine. I was tickled green {;)} that the rhinestone arrangement ended up being a hexagon.

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

My shoes before I retired the daisies. I often had people tell me the daisies would bring smiles to their faces. It was a sad moment when I pulled them off.

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

After a resole by Peter & Sons in South Windermere shopping center. Our family has used them for decades!

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

The cats were made from a Martha Stewart punch we purchased at Michael’s last year. The green glitter sticker material is from my Peacock Goddess costume skull ‘extras’. I ordered the sheets from Sam Flax (4 years ago).
{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

I pleated both the taffeta and double-side satin ribbon. I chose the taffeta because the pleating was crisper. Doing this project alone took FOREVER! This was close to how I originally envisioned the restoration until I was going through one of my fabric bins and rediscovered a fabric flower garland. I deconstructed a couple of flowers and BAM! The final product came to fruition. I let the process flow by it’s own accord and I couldn’t be happier with the end results.

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