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Unhappy Hipsters

It’s lonely in the modern world…

‘And one day, a ladder appeared. Julien climbed with guarded optimism; could this be the way out for which he’d been searching all these weeks?’

Unhappy Hipsters


Haley Luna posted these the other day and I wanted to share them with you!

More from her ice & snow set.

Shoe Clips

I finished these last night! I’m very happy with them except for the hardware. They’re a bit difficult to open and close, but we’re trying to remedy that. Good thing is that they won’t come off your shoe! I bought a smaller version of them and I’m testing them next.

Silver Shoe Clip

Silver Shoe Clip Silver Shoe Clip Silver Shoe Clip Silver Shoe Clip

I’ll most likely sell these as ‘samples’.

Clicky on the photos to see larger versions.

Wedding Fabric Bib Necklace

Green Damask

Etsy listing

This fabric is very special to me as it is a remnant from the material I used to make my wedding dress and corset.

corsetFront Dress

New Etsy Listings

Click on the photo to see full listing!

I finished another last night, but I am not happy with something so I am going to rework and upload tomorrow. Two more to start today and two others in process. Yay!

Hazzards of Love {One}

Lost & Fawned featured another one of my collars in a new Treasury.

Hazzards of Love {One}
My true love went riding out in white and green and grey.

Thanks again Lindsey!

Double Dating

Two pair of Hooded Merganser ducks have landed in the pond. I don’t know if they’re just passing through or if they’re hanging for a bit. I’m trying to remember if we had them last year, but it was so chaotic during the move and colder months here.

I can’t get a good photo of them right now, but here is a photo of the male that I pulled from good ‘ole Google.

I am going to miss the amazing wildlife around this place when we move soon.

Etsy Treasury Feature

Lost & Fawned featured one of my collars in her new Treasury.

{Mink & Silver}

An intimate new years party in a woods at midnight. Bring a fur coat & champagne.

So many pretty items in that listing.

Thank you Lindsey!

Hooray! I have my new Etsy shop up and running.

It’s listed under my online alter ego. 🙂 I will be adding more specialty items over the next few weeks. Please have a look and I would love to hear any feedback!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Tiny World Pincushions

So much love.

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