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End of an era.

I’ve been saying for years that I’m ready for new glasses. I finally used them as a face shield one too many times yesterday…

I have another pair of lovely vintage frames I purchased several years ago, at the Briluseum in Amsterdam.

{ Photo source }

Michael has epoxied my glasses. It beats the blue painters tape, which wasn’t doing much of a decent job anyway. Fingers crossed pleased!

When no Cat Bus is available…

Cat Bus
{ Photo credit: SUPERBOMBA! }

Custom machined, engraved, inlaid iPhone cases.

Source. >>


I’ve been a fan of My Neighbor Totoro for a long time. A group of friends even fantasized of doing a lift sized Cat Bus costume, long ago. Imagine my glee last night seeing a Totoro plushie while watching Toy Story 3.

This print was posted to Pinterest and I just had to snag it for the new studio. }:)

My Neighbor Totoro Print

Purchased from Kannaya. Etsy Store

San Marzano Tomotoes – Saucy!

I used to consider myself a ‘foodie’, but when my mother asked us if we’d heard of San Marzano tomatoes before, we were stumped. How had we missed the boat? We began to research them and were completely fascinated. They are considered by many chefs to be the best sauce tomatoes in the world. Nestled at the base of Mount Vesuvius, the sun-drenched volcanic soil of San Marzano is believed to act as a filter for water impurities. They are very similar to Roma tomatoes, but are pointier in shaper, have thicker skin, and fewer seeds. We decided to make a simple sauce to go over linguine last night for Father’s Day. Wow! They are delightfully sweet and it is said that some describe the flavor as bittersweet, along the lines of high-quality chocolate. I concur and I don’t know if we’ll make sauce with another type of tomato!

{ Photo Credit: Local Flavour }

We’re still looking for our camera and my phone just wouldn’t take a good photo last night so I borrowed this image.

We used the Cento brand tomatoes. Many products out there are made from tomatoes that are either grown in Italy outside the San Marzano region, or domestically from seeds. It’s the volcanic ash that makes these particular babies so wonderful. Be sure to look for the DOP (Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta) label. These labels are within the Protected Geographical Status (PGS) framework, defined in European Union law to protect the names of regional foods. They may be a tad pricier, but are so worth the cost in terms of taste.

Bon Weekend

We don’t have any photos of the new house to share just yet. We had a crazy storm move through here this afternoon, so I thought I’d ‘lightning’ things up with a shot from Michael’s old lab.

Bon weekend!


Whoops! The movers came Tuesday to pick up the ‘big’ stuff. We brought several loads over here to the new house, but have been working everyday to finish. I don’t think we’ll finish till the weekend, however. We’ll have the last bits out tomorrow and will spend the next couple of days cleaning and touching up paint and such. We promised the owner that we’d have it looking nice. We want our deposit back. You would think that this being the third MAJOR move in 2.5 years, I would have this down by now. Nope.

We have intermittent internet access here. We’re out of the 3G network -good grief – so our mobile technology is crawling on the EDGE network. Thankfully, Comcast will be here on Tuesday. We’re so excited to have access to real broadband again. Let’s just say that what we had at the old house was a bit crunked.

Oh, and while I’m here for a moment, I wanted to give a big shout out to my friend Lindsey, of Lost and Fawned, whose absolutely gorgeous wedding was feature in the June magazine edition of Portland Bride and Groom. Congrats lady, you are an inspiration to so many! Please stop by her blog to see some of her photos. She’s posting them as different sections of the day. A real feast for the eyes. You can also see the magazine’s online feature here.

Simply Awesome

I got to know Rachel through the OBT (Offbeat Bride Tribe) while we were both planning our weddings. She and her husband Tom are pretty badass. Our wedding was on Beltane and theirs was the following Halloween. Well, today I read that they’re featured today on Offbeat Bride.

{ Photo credit: Tinywater Photography }

Congrats you guys!

Daily Dose

We happened by Daily Dose about two years ago on our way home from Hyams. We’d passed by it on a few occasions and decided to investigate. Oh my, we weren’t disappointed. Great heaping wraps of goodness! Michael and I decided to share a ‘Muthaship’ which is billed to be enough for two. The wraps are mostly vegetarian/vegan and they make some with seafood/turkey if you just can’t handle the alternative TVP.

It’s counter service ordering with table delivery of your meal. Be prepared to wait for your food on some days, however. It’s never been a problem for us as we’ve never been in a hurry when we’ve gone, but the one time we were we called ahead. My favorite is the Hot Chick, which is made with fake chicken (aka TVP). There have been a couple occasions when they’ve been out and I just ask them to make me a ‘mystery wrap’, as long as it doesn’t have meat. I have NEVER been disappointed with that option. We’ve even suggested they add that to the menu, allowing something fresh and new to their repertoire.

It’s no joke calling it ‘Good Mood Food’. We’re always in a unbelievably good mood when we leave. So if you’re in Charleston, please do yourself a favor and stop by for a dose!

1622 Highland Avenue
Charleston, SC 29412-3443
(843) 225-3367


Pinterest is like a virtual inspiration board where you pin things to a ‘board’ on your page. instead of pinning things to your wall. Your pins can be viewed by and shared with others. You can pin images from anywhere on the web, add your own notes about the image, and the bookmarklet credits and links back to the original image.

Currently, Victoria from sfgirlbybay and the folks from Pinterest are running ‘Pin It Forward‘, where various bloggers create boards of ‘What Home Means to Me’. I missed the sign-up for this series but I’ve decided to play along and work on my visual interpretation of home. I’m far from finished. Here is the board Lindsey has created thus far.

I have been blissfully running amok creating other boards, such as outdoor living ideas. It makes sense with the kick I’ve been on lately. I gathered some of the images posted here and elsewhere, and some via other members. After all, that’s the intent of the site. Here is what I’ve gathered for our ‘Outdoor Living’ board..

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