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Monday product spam!

This is my wrist cuff prototype. I’m working on a couple of different styles. One has the sparkle vinyl band with rhinestones, some with additional stitching, others have silk bands with the same type embellishments. I’m also making my regular flower styles and then I also made one with the folded petals.

Wrist cuff prototype

I’m working on a custom cuff and will post photos of those when finished.

Happy Monday!

In the works…

I mentioned a week or so ago that I am trying to broaden my work. This is another piece that was started a while ago but I am only now getting closer to finishing. I’m very happy with how this is evolving.

In the works...

Branching out.

I have felt the need broaden my product offerings. While prepping for the Lowcountry Artist Market I made a few new pieces, a choker|headband, a belt, and some cuffs. I was delighted that the cuffs were very popular and I sold the three I brought to the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos. I will take a photo of the prototype tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s the choker and belt:

I have several pieces almost finished but they’re packed away. Some are some more ornate belts I have to dig out the boxes.

New stuff!

Ok, not exactly new because these were made for the Lowcountry Artist Market, but these are new photos of them. I have a few more pieces to edit before uploading everything to Etsy. My new challenge is taking these photos indoors. I had a sweet outdoor spot at the old house but it wasn’t always the most practical. I like the burlap but I’m also going to play with a few presentation ideas.

Tan Shoe Clips

Tan Shoe Clips

One of the moving bonuses was that I found my old peep toe heels!


Michael and I were planning on getting in the attic today to hang the new pendants in my studio because we’re supposed to be experiencing some ‘mild’ weather – no higher than 90°. As I was checking my email the phone rings and it’s Lowe’s letting me know our fans have arrived. I almost missed seeing the notification that this necklace just sold!

New Sale

I believe this is more than just me saying I need to get back to work.

Debbi, I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!


I’ve been a fan of My Neighbor Totoro for a long time. A group of friends even fantasized of doing a lift sized Cat Bus costume, long ago. Imagine my glee last night seeing a Totoro plushie while watching Toy Story 3.

This print was posted to Pinterest and I just had to snag it for the new studio. }:)

My Neighbor Totoro Print

Purchased from Kannaya. Etsy Store

Shameless self promotion time…

I had an fantastic phone conversation with Stacey yesterday. She allowed me to laugh and cry about how stressed I’ve gotten about the move. Then, she turns around and posts this to sweeten my day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it right now. I love our friends.

Urban Rose | rebecca3030

I fell in love with these gorgeous necklaces some time ago, but have been rather selfish by not sharing them.

Urban Rose | rebecca3030
{ Click on image to enlarge. }

{ Source | Source | Source | Source }


And it wasn’t just about me!

Michael’s Franklin Bells in front of the BiPolar Tesla Coil.

Franklin's Bells & BiPolar Tesla Coil

Aileen’s amazing work.

Aileen's WorkAileen's WorkAileen's WorkAileen's Work
{ Click on image to enlarge. }

Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of Gina’s stuff. I’m not sure how that happened. 🙁

Some more…

greenGold geisha2 pink

blackPinkStreaks yellowFlowers

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