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Bon Weekend – Middleton Montage

Wow, it’s been almost a month since we did our annual excursion to the Inn at Middleton Place & Middleton Gardens and I am now finally getting to post some of the photos starting with the sundial in the sundial garden! I thought to provide a detailed write up but if I wait to to it I’ll never share these so I’ll let the photos do the talking. I have more photos to edit and will share them soon. Perhaps then I’ll conjure up the some more exciting words! Oh, the smaller images can be clicked on for a more detailed view.

There are several artisans working on the property recreating various goods for visitors to watch and buy.




And last but not least, a shot of one of the many beautiful camelias in the gardens.

ETA – I forgot to mention that we bought a cutting of this type of camelia for mom. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop! There several beautiful larget camelia bushes at the old house, which either my grandmother or great grandmother planted. We’re trying to get a collection started for mom. Also missing is a magnolia tree or few.

Design*Sponge Paper Snowflake Mini-Garland

Hooray! I would like to shout a big ‘Thank You’ to Design*Sponge for featuring the snowflake mini-garland today.

♥ ♥ ♥

New traditions

We’re heading out to Middleton Inn & Gardens to celebrate Michael’s birthday… a week early. We did it last year and had such a blast. We’ll head over early and hit the gardens for late afternoon photographing (weather permitting) before getting into our room for the evening’s festivities. We’ll take a long stroll on Friday and head back home.

Here are a few shots from last year…

Monday, Monday

What a wonderfully busy and fun weekend was had by all. Saturday’s HCAF was much fun and I sold a few things. I mentioned to friends that I really don’t need to get attached to some of the things I make as I almost cried when this walked away with a delightful new owner. I’m busy trying to get more inventory ready for the closing weekend of the Farmers Market, coming up this weekend!

Here’s to a fabulous week! I hope to have photos of the newer pillows taken and uploaded to Etsy tomorrow.

Bon Weekend – ‘Tis the season…finally!

We got most of the Yule | Christmas decorating finished last night. Here are some teaser photos of some of our stuff. More to come on Monday! I’m very thankful the awesome lady at the tree place gave us an armful of tree cuttings!

Almost everything is from last year, even the snow!

I also have to include a photo of the matriarch, who rarely poses, but she was having the best time with her sassy new garland!

The boys are spending most evenings sleeping under the tree.

Instagram is hijacking my blog

With shows every weekend until Christmas, needing to get the house decorated and various other goodies, I can’t say NO to it.

It was around 90° yesterday but we got the tree. It’s gorgeous.

We got the lights up last night.

And this is a teaser of a project Michael is working on for mom.

The thread racks are up and I love them! I had no idea I had that much thread…

Back to work!

Bon Weekend – Getting festive

We had a lovely gathering at one of our relatives’ house and today we’re cooking our own dinner! I don’t have any photos of the table my mother put together, so I’ll continue to share her setup from a couple years back, which was really beautiful!

If you’re participating in Black Friday please, please support independent/local artists & boutiques/online shops. 🙂

ETA – Ha, I had no idea about Small Business Saturday!

The Mad Scientist makes his yearly appearance.

Monday was a blur (wait, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday!) and we didn’t get a chance to get the porch set up how we did last year, but in the end, it’s the lightning show that matters anyway! The kids were thrilled, some were terrified and some speechless. Many of the parents remembered last year and all had a great time!

It’s hard to capture the corona while standing at a distance and without a tripod, but here are a few shots from the phone of the coils in action.

Michael had his small Jacobs Ladder on the other small porch rail. We wanted to use the big one but that requires bringing THE VERY HEAVY TRANSFORMER downstairs. In the past we’ve had the benefit of using the carpet on the stairs to help it up and down and now that it’s gone we need to find another easy way. Monday was not the day to craft something!

The Weekend

Saturday was my second weekend at the Charleston Farmers Market. I’ve had some pretty decent sales both days and some great feedback from Market goers. The first weekend was a little wobbly as I really hadn’t worked out the dynamics of my both displays and such, but it really wouldn’t until I physically set up for a day. I took notes and made changes/improvements and this is what it looked like on Saturday.

I still have a few more things that I want to make to help the bib necklaces look better. I’m starting to think about this tutorial on Design*Sponge.

For Mother’s Day we made a new fountain for my mother (she lives with us). We have an old millstone that belonged to my grandmother and it passed into my mother’s possession when I was a child. It was placed at the threshold to the main entrance of their last home for 25 years. It was one of the last items to be removed when they sold the house.

Millstone fountain

I’m very pleased with it and can’t wait to see the plants we planted in the water to start showing. We’ll add some fish in a few weeks. The water flow is very gentle and shouldn’t be to much for them.

Mom’s having back surgery this afternoon and I think this space is a nice addition to her ‘recovery suite’, as she calls it.


We had a wonderful first day at the Farmers Market on Saturday, Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Sunday, and the web project I have been working on for some time finally went live today. We gave each other a composter and wheel barrow as anniversary gifts to each other. We were tempted on making our own composter, but with everything on our ‘to do’ list it would have been forever and a day until we would have gotten this finished. So…we decided to purchase one.

It took us a while to get this puppy together and I’m glad to read that others have required more than a pair of hands to complete the job. Michael worked on building/compacting an earthen pad about a foot high to support the bin, and it now sits behind our fence.


Once again, I’m finding myself becoming keenly aware of our consumption and waste, and how we can better utilize things once they’re past their intended use. We’re actually going to build a large round chicken wire cage to add compostables while things are cooking in the tumbler.

Sunday also meant more time working and improving the garden beds around the house. I found one of the photos I took of the virgin yard last year.

Late June 2010

This is where were are today.


We moved the second pagoda to the back corner of the yard and planted a few new things in this area.

Far Back Corner

We snuck in a few new plants in the shade garden.

Back Porch Right

And lastly, the ever evolving edible garden area!

Side Early May

I think that’s enough picture spam for today. I’m off to look for a few things to sass up my booth for this Saturday.

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