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I decided to mock-up the box without the Leo symbol and add a few more lights. I like it much better and now we just need to make it look like this in reality. I’ll then write up the tutorial for the end of the week. Right now, I need to finish a commission!



I had a couple of posts I wanted to share today but I’m going to save them till later in the week. I snapped a photo of the stars from the LED light strand we used from the project I posted yesterday because I think we can do something with them in the bedroom. I love the pattern/layering effect of the plastic. Me thinks it will do well with the walls.

It’s in the stars… I may have used this headline before!

Ha! I just noticed I published a post that is far from being ready to share at this time. 🙂 But I will share this finished piece I have in for a DIY submission. I think it’s pretty cool and I’ll either share the full details later!


The Weekend

Saturday was my second weekend at the Charleston Farmers Market. I’ve had some pretty decent sales both days and some great feedback from Market goers. The first weekend was a little wobbly as I really hadn’t worked out the dynamics of my both displays and such, but it really wouldn’t until I physically set up for a day. I took notes and made changes/improvements and this is what it looked like on Saturday.

I still have a few more things that I want to make to help the bib necklaces look better. I’m starting to think about this tutorial on Design*Sponge.

For Mother’s Day we made a new fountain for my mother (she lives with us). We have an old millstone that belonged to my grandmother and it passed into my mother’s possession when I was a child. It was placed at the threshold to the main entrance of their last home for 25 years. It was one of the last items to be removed when they sold the house.

Millstone fountain

I’m very pleased with it and can’t wait to see the plants we planted in the water to start showing. We’ll add some fish in a few weeks. The water flow is very gentle and shouldn’t be to much for them.

Mom’s having back surgery this afternoon and I think this space is a nice addition to her ‘recovery suite’, as she calls it.

Bon Weekend

'New' Mirror

Michael and I found this lovely reproduction of an Art Nouveau mirror in heavy brass at an antique shop the other day. It will make a fine addition to the booth. I may find myself actually looking in the mirror more often!

Bon weekend! ♥

I’ll raise you eight inches

As promised, here are pics from the new raised edible garden. We planted tomatoes, eggplant, squash, zucchini, several varieties of peppers, basil, oregano and thyme. I’ve also added a few Nasturtiums we had patiently waiting for this space and we’ll add more companion/beneficials/more edibles in the coming weeks.

Mid-April Side

Also in the picture is the newly hung Green Man at the gate. Very happy to see him out and about again!

Now, on the my first day at the Farmers Market. But only it wasn’t. We were in line for those horrendous storms that hit other areas of the southeast and we really dodged something terrible, and my heart goes out to all who were affected by them. Wind Advisories were in place for Saturday and when we got downtown at 6:00 there were maybe 6 tents set up. The winds were pretty brisk and one of the vendors told us that several others had canceled. Our spot is on Tobacco Road, which was much windier than the King Street side and my stuff can be easily lifted from displays. So we decided to cancel. Unknown to me (as I didn’t check email on the way downtown) was an email telling those of us with fine art, glassware and anything that could be damaged to not feel obligated to come down.

As vendors, are required to have our tents weighted down. Some people use the sandbags that are made for the commercial tents, some use barbell weights and some get crafty. That’s what we decided to do. Michael made these awesome cement weights using pvc pipes, caps and and eye bolt with a washer.

Tent Weights

Saturday did turn out to be a nice day as we’d been very fortunate in skirting the storm, but we were told that Tobacco Road still had some pretty fierce winds and were wise to have canceled.

Impetuous decisions on display.

Ceramic Glove Molds

I’ve been trying to think of appealing ways to display my wrist cuffs and possibly chokers for the Farmers Market (We had our big meeting last night!). I found a set of five ceramic glove molds on eBay for a fantastic deal. I knew they were going to be big but for some reason I didn’t think BIG. They arrived today and oops! As pictured above, they wrist cuffs definitely will not go around the ‘arm’ portion of the mold. I’m torn between using these because even as undainty as they are, I do like them. I was thinking of stacking the cuffs around the fingers. A dear old friend had a wonderful suggestion after I posted them this morning…buy several small thick dish washing gloves and fill them with plaster. Well now, I just happen to have a bucket of plaster of paris just waiting to be used!


I’m going play with this idea next week and post updates.

If we don’t use the molds that came in today for the booth display they may be used as either coat or towel hangers. One friend suggested using them in the garden. We still need to clean off the old latex.

{ All images click through to larger versions. }

Lowcountry Artist Market 3.19

Lowcountry Artist Market

I’m very happy to announce that I will be participating in the Etsy inspired Lowcountry Artist Market on Saturday, March 19 at the Music Farm. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello and see all the fabulous goods everyone will have at the event!

{ Poster by Gil Shuler Design. }

I Love You More Than All The Stars…

Michael has been wonderful at motivating me to get things finished in the bedroom. It wasn’t easy on his part but he was successful. This past weekend we built the pelmet for the one window we have in our bedroom, which is actually the FROG. A pelmet is a framework mounted above a window used to hide curtain fittings and to help retain temperature inside a room. Pelmets are also called top treatments, cornices or valances. However, they differ from other top treatments in that the pelmet is a hardened valance or a treatment built over a structure. Most people either love them or hate them, and I find myself in both camps. I love the finish they provide to a window treatment, but they can also feel rigid. We’ve made traditional looking pelmets, one in our new dining room and in our old bedroom, but this time I wanted to go in a more whimsical direction in our space.

I love Shanna Murray‘s decals, especially this one. I wanted to have it in our room so Michael can read it every morning when he opens his eyes, and my thinking was that the pelmet would be perfect place. Yup, I’m very much a romantic geek! I try to support artists whenever I can but dangit, after buying the supplies to make the pelmet base it pained me we could not justify buying the decals from her. So DIY it was!

Now, I don’t trust my handwriting these days so drawing the letters freehand was out of the question. It took a day for the ‘aha’ moment to arrive and I could set about making them. I downloaded the Markus Ink font I and put a stroke/border around the type for my cutting guides. I printed them on full sheet adhesive labels in a series of three pages. Once printed, I sat down and cut out the shapes. I find this kind of work very therapeutic. I used the scraps to cut out the stars would stick to the pelmet front and the stars for the garland were cut from the scrap poster board from the snowflake garlands I made during the holidays. We hung the pelmet and strung the garlands, once I finished sewing them.

Pelmet Montage

Fresh from the printer. | Finished cutting. | Applied to pelmet surface {all edges have been smoothed out}. | Ta-da! | Shooting stars. | Stars detail.

I’m still looking forward to buying something from Shanna down the road, particularly these!

Snowflake Garland DIY

We originally bought the snowflake punch to make placemats similar to the ones I made for Halloween, but I discovered that they didn’t quite work the same as the cats in the mats. They’re not solid shapes, they’re shapes within shapes. I could salvage this, I thought. So my next attempt was to glue the snowflakes on red poster board, only…I haven’t been able to find poster board in a shade of red or green that doesn’t make my eyes bleed. Needless to say, that was scrapped in favor of sewn placemats. I still had a pile of snowflakes begging to be used. I was reading some of my favorite blogs this weekend and saw photos of various dainty looking garlands, and thought to myself that these might look just as good.

Materials needed:
Poster board
Thread & needle
Snowflake Punch (we bought ours at Michaels)

Cut out snowflakes. I averaged around 50 per garland. Tie a snowflake at one end. Thread a large needle with the thread and work it through one hole, and then back through another. Slide the snowflake down a bit and continue. Once you’ve reached the desired length, tie off another snowflake that the end. I finished off the knot with fabric glue. It’s not necessary, just force of habit. Hang the garland and space the snowflakes.

I’m very pleased with them!

{ Images click through to larger versions }

We kept the little punched out bits and used them for paper snow, sprinkling them around one of our candle displays.

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