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Custom wrist cuff.

I just finished this and I’m waiting to see if I can meet with the buyer tonight for a final fitting. This is a wrist cuff made from vinyl and backed with remnant upholstery fabric, leftover from a project we did for my mother. All cuffs with vinyl bands are backed with fabric. It is detailed with Swarovski rhinestones and closes with two heavy duty snaps. It is a recreation of a piece she saw at the Lowcountry Artist Market while it was on hold for someone else. It sold and I told her I could recreate the look.

Custom order montage
{ Click on image to enlarge. }

It’s the simple things that make me smile.

Simple but beautiful lights made from reclaimed wood. I can see these used outside in the garden one night and then brought back into the house for some wonderfully charming mood lighting.

More photos and artist information at Oh Joy!

ETA: Remodelista posted a similar feature today, but from another artist.

Monday product spam!

This is my wrist cuff prototype. I’m working on a couple of different styles. One has the sparkle vinyl band with rhinestones, some with additional stitching, others have silk bands with the same type embellishments. I’m also making my regular flower styles and then I also made one with the folded petals.

Wrist cuff prototype

I’m working on a custom cuff and will post photos of those when finished.

Happy Monday!

In the works…

I mentioned a week or so ago that I am trying to broaden my work. This is another piece that was started a while ago but I am only now getting closer to finishing. I’m very happy with how this is evolving.

In the works...

Branching out.

I have felt the need broaden my product offerings. While prepping for the Lowcountry Artist Market I made a few new pieces, a choker|headband, a belt, and some cuffs. I was delighted that the cuffs were very popular and I sold the three I brought to the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos. I will take a photo of the prototype tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s the choker and belt:

I have several pieces almost finished but they’re packed away. Some are some more ornate belts I have to dig out the boxes.

New stuff!

Ok, not exactly new because these were made for the Lowcountry Artist Market, but these are new photos of them. I have a few more pieces to edit before uploading everything to Etsy. My new challenge is taking these photos indoors. I had a sweet outdoor spot at the old house but it wasn’t always the most practical. I like the burlap but I’m also going to play with a few presentation ideas.

Tan Shoe Clips

Tan Shoe Clips

One of the moving bonuses was that I found my old peep toe heels!


Michael and I were planning on getting in the attic today to hang the new pendants in my studio because we’re supposed to be experiencing some ‘mild’ weather – no higher than 90°. As I was checking my email the phone rings and it’s Lowe’s letting me know our fans have arrived. I almost missed seeing the notification that this necklace just sold!

New Sale

I believe this is more than just me saying I need to get back to work.

Debbi, I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Lowcountry Artist Market

Yesterday’s show was a lot of fun but I missed having my posse around. It’s the first time I’ve done a show by myself, in like forever. Kristen did a great job organizing the event and I’m already excited for the next one, which will most likely be in the fall. I met a couple of very cool people and had great response from vendors and people attending the event. I had a nice dose of ‘we’ve heard about you’ in a very positive tone and that really blew me away! I sold a few shoe clip and wristbands. I’m so happy I had them and am motivated to keep making them. I had some nibbles on necklaces and hopefully someone who grabbed a card will visit my Etsy shop.

{ Photo credit: Kristen Thompson Gastaldo }

As usual, I was last minute getting some of these finished and didn’t get photos of the new stuff that sold. I will snap photos of what is left of the new inventory later in the week so I can upload them to Etsy. We dropped all of the booth goods at the new house after we left the Farm.

I’m also working ideas on a better table display. I had my standard dress form and a smaller decorative table version, as well has using my small velvet jewelry busts for the ribbon chokers. We started on papier mache bust but just couldn’t get it finished in time. Michael also brainstormed the stand for them.

More photos on the Music Farm FB. >>

Electric Mavis pedant lights by Melbourne designer Gregory Bonasera and others.

Oh, looks like I’m not the only one who fancied having their love of tea cups illuminated.

More photos and artists. >>

Charleston Green

It’s dark, nearly black and it’s a color that can be seen all over the city and throughout the Lowcountry. Joggling boards, porches, shutters, just about any exterior paint treatment that looks black is pretty much guaranteed to be Charleston Green. We used it for the sign I painted, which hung at entrance to Hickory Hill, the old family home.

The story goes that in the aftermath of the Civil War, the Union donated copious amounts of black paint to aid in the restoration of the city. The Charlestonians could not bear to use as it reminded them of both the color of mourning and it was an ineffective way to battle the melting heat of the summer, so they mixed in yellow and/or green paint to create a new hue. I think receiving handouts from ‘them damn Yankees’ had a little something to do with it. 😉

My mother was mostly sure RustOleum manufactured a version of the color, but I was a tad hesitant. We made a run to Lowe’s yesterday and I was quite please to find out the old lady is right! We picked up several cans along with white paint to breathe new life into some tired outdoor pieces. The wood on our front & back porches is treated wood. I’m very interested in seeing if we can paint them Charleston Green sometime down the road.

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