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Bon weekend – until we meet again next year.

It’s been very busy around the house leading up to Halloween. Last night’s high voltage show mesmerized many children and quite a few adults. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to get any photos as I was on candy duty. Now it’s time to drain, soak, wash and pack away our seasonal goods until next fall, and put our beloved treasures back into their places throughout the house. Once again, the use of a glue stick and a light soaking, and the labels slid right off the glass.

I think the bubble gum eyes deteriorated beautifully.

As sad as I am to see everything come down I believe this may have been our funnest strike yet.

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

Crystal Ball DIY via Flamingo Toes Tutorial

This delightful DIY project from Flamingo Toes was making rounds on Pinterest while I was working on our Brooklyn Limestone feature. I didn’t have time to try it while immersed on getting everything ready, so I tried it this weekend and I’m pleased with the results!

I’m thinking one of the few benefits to having Christmas decorations out before Halloween is that I could find glass ornaments at Jo-Ann’s. Armed with my 40% off coupon, a trip to the thrift store for brass candleholders and a stop for flat black paint, I was set to start the project.


Bat Garland Back in the Shop!

Adjustable Bat Garlands are back on the Etsy shop. I can also do custom orders for whatever length desired!

Dinner with the Mad Scientist ll and Brooklyn Limestone Feature

Hello Brooklyn Limestone readers, and those still hanging around these parts! I’ve been a reader for several years and Stefanie’s decorations|party ideas knock my socks off, and I look forward to her Halloween posts with great anticipation! When she contacted me about a feature after I left a recent comment on the blog, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.

We’re continuing the Dinner with the Mad Scientist theme from two years ago. Most of the usual suspects have returned and we’ve collected a few new pieces since. The previous post has information on many of the details we repurposed this year. I have also updated the Aged Specimen Jar Label DIY post.

Smaller images can be clicked to view larger versions.

Michael came up with the idea to add some Sharpie solution to the dark green I was using for the large specimen jars and the effect is delightfully eerie. We also played with a black light behind the jars while taking a few of the photos. (more…)

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