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The new IKEA catalog is out and I’ve seen this little awesome little number making the rounds on the Internet. I would love to have one, or even two, for the studio. It would perfect for keeping various bits I need in multiple places while working. Color me not surprised when Lara Rossignol, one of my favorite photographers, posted hers today and not only does she make me want it more but I see spy my favorite book… Geek Love!

/blubbering fangirl moment.

Photo by Lara Rossignol.

It beckons

I’ve loved {most} Limoges boxes since I was a child. Mom gave me my first box several years ago, of a garden basket with tools and seed packets in the side pockets, with a tiny carrot and packet of seeds on the inside. We got the new Gump’s catalog the other day and inside I found this beautiful maneki neko, the lucky cat.

It beckons but… I’ll just have to admire it from afar.

ClayCell Ceramics

I don’t know if anything I could write about these pieces made by artist Kelly Wu in Oregon could do them any justice. A picture can say a thousand words, can’t it?

All of these lovelies are for sale at Kelly’s Etsy store, and she’ll be at the Ceramic Showcase at the Convention Center (in Portland), April 29, 30 & May 1, 2011.

It’s on Etsy, My Deer!

Happy Monday! I’m a little late posting today as we just got back from another wonderful night at the Inn at Middleton Place. We won the January Photo Contest and the prize was a night for two at the Inn so we took advantage of an early Valentines celebration. I’ve said it before and I’ll echo it today that it’s a really awesome place!

Oh Deer.

This trophy hangs at the Summerton Diner where we had lunch after our demonstation on Friday. I think the entire blogosphere is ahead of me featuring the deer trend in decor and fashion recently, but here’s my take on alternatives to real deer trophies.

1. Brooch | 2. Ring | 3. Trophy Deer | 4. Silhouette | 5. Pillow | 6. Mother Nature Necklace | 7. Decal | 8. Pillow | 9. Felt Soap | 10. Jagermeister Penedant

There are several more treasures that I wanted to add to the collection but it would be a mile long, so I’m adding more as text links. I’ve had my eye on Fable and Fury’s Neo Victorian Woodland Raven Stag necklace since I made one of my treasuries a couple months back. This deer stick pin is so adorable. Or how about a bronze deer mount? I would love to sport this striking bracelet! There’s also the very popular cardboard trophy by Cardboard Safari. Ok, I need to stop now! Maybe I’ll curate another deer inspired post soon.

I am planning to use the photo from the diner as part of my first ever giveaway later this week. Stay tuned!

On the rocks.

I was doing an image search on Google recently {for what, I can’t remember} and ran across Livingstones, created by French designer Stephanie Marin. She got a lot of press a few years ago but this was the first I’d heard of them and wondered how many others hadn’t been privy to these incredibly cool and functional designs. They range in size from a small pillow and as large as a couch. There are companion pieces for the outside call Neo livingstones, which are made from neoprene, and garden furniture that look like giant raindrops and are illuminated! They’re all listed under ‘Collections’.

Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora was featured yesterday on the Alternative Consumer and I can’t do justice in describing how amazing his designs are! Not only are they beautiful but they’re also made using a certified sustainable process which turns the recycled cardboard into pulp, and then into objects that would certainly be a focal point in any space.

totora table

If there are other such similar ‘rocks’ out there, I’d love the hear about them!

A spoon full of anything…

Tablespoon Measuring Cup
{ A dram or so of whiskey, that age old remedy. }

Happy Monday! I don’t normally like to brag about gifts, but I scored the Tablespoon Measuring Cup from Kaufman Mercantile this past Christmas. It’s a lab quality borosilicate glass cup for measuring, mixing and heating. The non-reactive glass makes it ideal to mix small amounts of ingredients and the tiny spout allows for easy pouring. I finally had the chance to take this for a {s}whirl yesterday and I couldn’t be more delighted with it and definitely recommend it.

While I was on the Kaufman Mercantile Blog, I saw a post featuring this beautiful antique horn measuring cup. The article describes in detail how these were made and what remedies may have filled this beauty, especially the popular age old elixir, whiskey.

{ The hand carved dose lines are amazing! }

I decided to look for other old measures and stumbled upon this formaldehyde measuring cup.

Formaldehyde Cup
{ I’m considering making the front image of this my new avatar! }

Item description:
2 oz. tin cup for measuring formaldehyde to water ratio when preparing a fungicide spray. There is an image of a formaldehyde can on the side and the inscription “Kills Smut.” It has instructions for mixing with various quantities of water.

It’s a tad cost prohibitive for me at this point, but if it’s still around down the road I will reconsider! I’m going to continue looking for similar such items and will post them as they’re found! I’m always open to supplied links. 😉

Do Want!

The are multitudes of entertaining usb hubs for whatever strikes your fancy. Come to think of it, I personally have never seen a Death Star version. Anyway, I saw this today and it made me smile and add it to my wishlist.

Aphrodite USB Hub

Now if they’d only bring back Hubzilla, this time as a USB hub.

I wish I had a clever title for this.

As well some clever copy. However, I believe this stands on it’s own!

{ From 826DC – The Museum of Unnatural History by Oliver Munday. }

Enchanted Buck Measuring Cups

These gold-dipped new bone china measuring cups has me literally jumping for joy!

via Pinterest. See more at Anthropolgie.>>

Visit the elves in Historic Rivendell!

Thanks to my friend Mari, I found this amazing poster on her Tumblr page. I’ve now satisfied at two { very important } facets of my taste spectrum today!

Made by Steven Thomas Art.

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