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Mixson Mingle Jingle

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m fast and furiously working on getting some new bags ready for tomorrow’s Mixson Mingle Jingle. I hope the weather holds out.

UPDATE: Due to the impending rain, the event has been moved into the Club Room at Basico and MB&RC. 4399 McCarthy Street at Mixson.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Lowcountry Artist Holiday Market

A very happy Monday to all! I’m very excited to announce that I’m participating in the next Lowcountry Artist Market on December 7th! I have several pieces of my beautiful new vinyl cut out and now I have that deadline to get me in the pants again.

The Lowcountry Artist Market can be followed via: Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Pinterest


The news I mentioned on Monday? Well, back in May, Apartment Therapy posted a call for House Tour contributors. I eagerly jumped at the opportunity and sent in my house tour… those photos of Hollie’s amazing home! I was offered one a spot on the team at the end of last week! I’ll share a couple of tours (or more!) a month and this is my debut post, which went live yesterday:

Thanks again to Hollie for allowing me to share her home and I’m so excited to be a part of the AT team! Stay tuned for more decor porn!

{ Fireworks photo credit: bayasaa via Apartment Therapy }

Happy Monday!

This is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy week. I have a lot of things to post but I’m busy trying to get ready for all of this!

Wonder Women

The Wonder Women Show is a collection of artists celebrating powerful and strong females everywhere! We will be having local art and music, as well as a fashion show, belly dancing, and jewelry vendors. Hula hoops will probably abound, and we are hoping to have some spoken word and possibly fire poi. All in all, it is shaping up to be a fantastic evening.

Feel free to wear your most fabulous and empowered outfit to the show!!

For more info, please visit the Facebook event page.

Atelier Gallery

Grand Opening Cocktail Reception
My work is now being carried this beautiful gallery.

For more info, please visit the gallery events page.

Holy City Artist and Fleas (Saturday & Sunday)

For more info, please visit the HCAF Facebook event page.

Housecleaning and a new DIY page

I was updating a few posts this weekend when I discovered what seemed to be a *tiny* snafu when I imported all of the old posts from Blogger. I’m not exactly sure where things went wrong, but all of those posts had page errors when clicked on, as well as some serious taxonomy issues. It meant spending the evening hours during the weekend going into every post and republishing them, as well as adding the correct categories & tags. That’s good, that’s very good.

What’s even better is that this motivated me to create a new page dedicated to DIY projects we’ve worked on. Some have detailed steps and some are kind of basic, but I hope they’ll prove to be inspirational. We have several projects ‘on the books’ and will work those in as time allows. In the meantime…let me introduce the new page!

I still need to work through my categories and tags as well as making link categories, but for now, I think I’ve got things fairly in order.

And there was much rejoicing.

fireworks 21
Photo by Flickr user ursmajor.

I’ve been away yet I’ve been right here. There have a few events happening in RL that combined with trying to keep up with multiple social networking sites I, well, let the dust start collecting here. When I was ready to start posting a few weeks back I couldn’t think of where to start. A friend simply said, “Just post something, anything, but do it to get rolling again.”. She’s right! I think I’ll share some highlights of what I’ve/we’ve been working on since I flew the coop. I’ll then repost each with more information and details! So without further ado and for your viewing pleasure I give… you pictures!

We revamped our breakfast nook last month. I really love hanging out in this space!

I made these collapsible display busts for the booth inspired by this wonderful tutorial on Design*Sponge:

I completed an intensely fun painting project recently. No really, it was incredibly therapeutic!

Michael cleaned and rewired this beautiful clock we found at thrift store.

We’ve made some great progress in the garden/back yard. We installed a shade sail/sail shade with a collapsible pole system this weekend. It’s not finished but I have this so far.

We had some water issues in the pond that had us stumped for a while but I think we’ve worked them out. This little frog has taken up permanent residence in the pond.

As well as one frisky dragonfly.

We got our new carnivorous garden started.

I showed no mercy when I ripped the nasty old carpet off the stairs last week.

That’s it for today. I’ve really missed this place. ♥

New Dedicated Independent Artists Page!

I’ve added a ‘page’ to the blog dedicated to local & independent artists, designers and crafters as well as local & independent boutiques. I’ve also added the Etsy Treasuries that I have curated and will also add Treasuries that I have been featured in soon. I think it’s equally important for fellow featured artists to have more exposure.

Support Local & Independent Artists Page

Disqus | Intense Debate

I recently got a Tumblr account and installed Disqus comment system and decided to switch over to that for commenting on this blog. I have absolutely no complaints with Intense Debate, but it made since to manage both under the same account. Sadly, that means that all of the comments to date {or at least since I installed Intense Debate} are now gone. Oh well.

I am open to feedback at any point!

eta – well that was easy! Comments returned.

Bon Weekend – Happy Blogiversary!

I’m definitely in the celebratory mood as this week was my one year blogiversary! I made my first post was on August 23rd, 2009, and I honestly wasn’t sure I would make it this far.

{ Photo credit: butaho on Flickr }

I’m slowly working on adding small design elements (and possibly another color) to the place. It reflects the style we created during our wedding planning process, and this has been an outlet to share our collaborations. I find that to be very pleasing. 🙂


I’ve been playing with some updates to the site. I like the Minima (stretch) template but haven’t been happy with being restricted to a 2 column layout. I found a lovely hack that seems to work well so far, and I’m hoping to add more elements to the sidebars. I’ve also added some Facebook interactivity and have decided to use the IntenseDebate comment forms. I like being able to reply directly to a comment instead of having to do the ‘@name’ scenario. Comments can now be subscribed to, as well. I know some sites have had issues with ID and I’ll keep my eye on it.

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