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Monsters in the closet

It happened again, I hit storage maximum capacity in the room. There was nowhere to turn but the closet of doom. What laid behind this door terrified me more than Sulley ever could and I’m afraid that even he wouldn’t work from this closet.

Let’s take look, shall we? (more…)

2011 in review

When I look back on what we did last year I see that we accomplished quite a bit! Sometimes it’s easy to lose track while going through the daily, weekly and monthly grind. Here are the highlights of what we did/made…

We went from ugh to ah in a matter of months. I was frustrated with myself for putting off starting a few things but in the end I think it worked for the better!

What we did in 2011:
Painting and a needed update for our bedspread. I’m still thinking of going with white and accenting with color through pillows.
Hung our Nelson bubble lamps.
Starry pelmet

What we need to work on/finish:
Recover bedside stools & redo lamps
Wood floors or decent carpeting
Louvered door for the closet

Stay tuned to Offbeat Home this week for the constellation light tutorial!

My Studio
I loved it when we got it set up the previous year but after working in it for a while I realized I needed to make changes.

What we did in 2011:
Made the steel prep table mobile
New flooring
New center work table
Reorganized the layout

Window shelf (in action)
Thread storage

What we need to work on/finish:
More shelving
The closet of doom

Breakfast Nook
A lackluster and unused space became a family project. Mom served for much of the inspiration.


Insert KermitOMGYay.gif badge here, please!

Oh Instagram, may I never tire of you.

Michael mostly finished my new spool and bobbin holders yesterday! I had two of these little things at the other house but I quickly outgrew them and I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t hang my bobbin with it’s matching spool. But now, I’m just one step away! Okay, two if you count mounting. I thought we had enough green spray paint left over from one of our chairs, but alas, not. I don’t know what color it will be but I will post the finished pieces tomorrow.

Happy Monday – Infected with more technology

I’ve had the Instagram app on my phone for a long time but have never used it. As I’ve become a little more active on Twitter I’ve noticed many people using it, so when a couple of my our friends came to visit this weekend and took some sweet shots via the app, I got hooked. Here are a couple of Michael’s studio.

We left the Samhain decorations up for them to see in person, and here’s one of Steph’s shots.

Oh yeah, this app is a keeper.

A work in progress

I was going to wait until we tackled the closet of doom before posting the finished studio shots, but what the hell. I really loved the studio when we finished it last summer but as I hadn’t really worked long term in the space I eventually found that several things didn’t work for me. I felt confined and that I wasn’t getting much use the chalkboard because I had a hard time comfortably reaching much of the area.

This is how the studio looked way back when…

And here we are today…

I think I may have mentioned that I had fantasies of using reclaimed wood to use for the floor and I know I’ve blabbered on that my interim hopes were of painting the subfloor a gorgeous shade of deep sea blue. I was also aiming to keep this as inexpensive as possible.  (more…)

Bon Weekend – Reunion

Sometimes I forget that some of the smallest things around me carry a great load of importance, especially when I consider that so many of them were given to me by dear friends. I unpacked a large box that hasn’t been opened since the move and got a bit weepy. It felt like a renunion of sorts. I liked that. A lot.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Huston, we have lift off!

Last week’s failed attempt at a quick and inexpensive caster addition to my prep table was remedied with a wooden dowel and bolt.

Awesome but now it was too tall for my comfort so out came the hacksaw and we chopped off it’s legs. It kind of felt like an episode of The Sopranos.

Much better and still a fraction of what the cost would be from a restaurant supply place.

Caster another line

We finished puttying the floors Sunday night and will sand them tonight. I am nervous and excited to see how this turns out, but I think it’s a one shot deal. We don’t want to put too much into this as it’s not a permanent solution. Hardwoods are the long term goal here.

It’s been about 10 years coming but prep table roller issue has finally been addressed. It’s cumbersome not being able to move it about. I believe that the legs may have originally come with an insert to hold them but I’m REALLY foggy about this. None the less, the casters weren’t purchased with the table as they’re about a third of the price of the table itself. Michael and I bought these casters and rubber stoppers (sans holes) thinking it was a brilliant fix.

Alas, it was not.

Back to the drawing board. Maybe we’ll try a wooden dowel rod this time.

Puttying around

It was a while ago that I posted our unexpected venture in removing the carpet in my studio. The floor has remained mostly the same since, but last week we made a little more progress. We started the process of puttying the board gaps and filling in nail holes, as well as getting the Kilz and paint.

The Deep Sea Blue is the closest approximation to the color we had mixed in the floor paint medium. I think it will look great with the wall color, which we still need to find that can in the garage!

We also bought casters for the prep table and the bookcases. I’m looking forward to having a little more mobility in the space. I’m also considering some changes in the placement of some of the workstations, and the possibility of combining some of them.

Now… to get it finished!

Unexpected surprises

This is NOT what I was expecting to accomplish yesterday when I went into the studio to ‘bust it out’. Suffice it to say that it was completely necessary at this point and it had nothing to do with my hatred of carpeting. No, really. I think that we’re going to fill and sand the gaps and then apply several coats of epoxy paint. I thinking of a particular shade of blue. Now, if I can find the bazillion paint chips I bagged from the stairs project.

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