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Garden State

Michael and I just finished judging the science fair for my cousin and I’m taking this opportunity to try posting via the WordPress app. I’ve read very mixed reviews but it seems to be working just fine and dandy.

We spent our second full day focusing on the pond yesterday. We put the retaining border { made from recycled materials }, added the fill soil and planted several bulbs & plants. We added pea gravel under the stairs and will place a divider on each side, sometime next week. The grass will be replaced with a pea gravel path that will eventually lead from the side gate and wrap around the patio, which still has to be laid. We’re still hanging about on rocking pads.

I think we’ve done pretty well for spending a total of about two days on the project so far. We’re also working on three other big beds.



The fountain is sputtering, we have to clean it and the filter.

Photos of the first day we worked on it…


Splish, Splash


We bought some fish for the pond on Friday night. They’re the 27¢ variety goldfish and we hope they are like our last group, which grew to a nice size. Too bad the raccoons got them after they survived the moved to Atlanta. We tried several times to get photos of them at the old place, but even when we gave them food they took cover when the camera came out.

We named that one Siegfried and sadly, he didn’t make it. He now rests between the pagoda and pond. We even gave him a little tombstone. I know it’s just a little goldfish but I’ve never been able to not get attached.

Here Lies Siegfried the Goldfish

The Garden Salad Days

Garden progress! The weather was absolutely uh-mazing this past weekend and we’ve spent the last three days outside. It’s been a while since we’ve truly felt like we could start something in terms of an outdoor living space. The last two houses were temporary dwellings and we decided not to spend too much energy, or money for that matter, trying to make permanent outdoor features. I can be very impatient and I can easily forget that the garden sanctuary we had in Atlanta took a couple of years of hard work and we had certain advantages, such as no real yard maintenance. I do love container gardens! We moved into this house a little late in the season to really start planting. Top that off with the hottest summer on record and we pretty much hid indoors.

Ok, back to what we’ve done so far. Our old pond form has been in the garage since we left Atlanta. Today it is comfortably setting in it’s new digs. I even have a little animated gif behind the jump of the digging process.

Pond - Phase I

If you click through to the hosted photo on Flickr you can see a few notes I’ve set up to explain the next phase of work to be done in this section. We’re undecided where the second pagoda is going to live. A little history of those two – mom bought them for the front gate of the old family house. When Michael and I moved everything out two years ago, they came with us. Stacey got a great shot of one during the wedding.

Patio pavers

We bought 50 x 16″ pavers. It took two trips to Lowes to bring these home. We actually need more! We got our workout for the day loading and unloading them. The beers definitely made things a little ‘easier’ these last few days.;)

Patio pavers

This is the very temporary pad. We were desperate for a patio fix and to be able to kick back with some adult beverages and watch the clouds roll on by. When we actually lay the pavers for good they’ll have an inch or two in between for moss, herbs and other creeping ground cover. We’re about twenty squares short of our {my} desired patio size, but even just two more rows will be nice. The lounge chairs were purchased for our wedding. They were on sale for $25.00 at Target! We considered selling them before our move last year and now I’m glad we kept them. The second pond setup will go in front of the chimney, which is in the left of the photo.

Patio pavers

It’s a good thing I don’t try to keep my nails well manicured. I honestly do not like wearing gloves while playing in the dirt. It’s just so therapeutic to feel it, and even caked on my hands.

I’ll continue to post progress photos. (more…)

More acorns!

It looks as though I’m not finished for the day. I found these via Pinterest and fell in love with them! I thought it would be selfish to keep these treasures all to myself.

{ Click image to enlarge }

Iron and aluminum Acorn Birdfeeders with an understated patina and are adorned with a miniature oak leaf. Set of 3 for $44.95.

Cute little Acorn Ornaments to hang wherever you would like a touch of natures beauty. 1 hanging set (2 acorns) for $6.00.

Backyard Scrabble

I love Scrabble® and I can’t think of a better use of a small patch of yard than this. Ok, maybe a chess board. Once again, Pinterest has brightened my day. It also reminds me to subscribe to Sunset in my reader. My mother has been reading the magazine since I was a child and I love it!

{ Photo credit: SFGate via Sunset Magazine }

Variegated Canna Pretoria

I have been a huge fan of this canna hybrid for years. They have so much sass!

Click image to enlarge.

Unfortunately, I didn’t dig up any of the tubers before we left Atlanta. We figured they would be around every year in plentiful amounts. It was difficult to contain my excitement when thinking of planting some here at the new house. We’ve checked Lowe’s, HomeDepot, and elsewhere on a few occasions since the move, but with no luck. Every employee I asked just shrugged their shoulders. I knew it was time to visit Hyams and check with them. We’re now living a bit aways from them.:( I asked one of the employees about them and sure enough, she knew what was going on. Apparently, they have succumbed to a disease this year and many vendors are wary of carrying them. I was so upset that I wanted to cry on the spot. I know I can look to the wonderful Internet to order them, but shipping plants in this heat I’m not sure it’s the safest thing to do.

I’m going to keep checking and maybe take my chance on ordering.

Bon Weekend.

We’re being seriously stupid and trying to finish transplanting our plants today. We’ve read where it’s been 5.5° hotter this June than in previous years. That explains A LOT! I’ll leave you with a photo of some banana trees. Please stay cool!

{ Photo credit: Bonnie’s Plants }

Garden Goddesses

Whimsical, yet powerful focal points for your garden by Colorado artist Arabella Tattershall.

Garden Goddesses

“I am enamored with leaves. They keep falling into my pieces, as they would from a tree, and I accept their gifts of seasonal engagement in the guises of frailty, tenacity, color and shape.”

Domestic Bliss – Through the garden gate.

{ Hipstamatic iPhone App Lens: John S | Film: Float | Flash: Off }

We’ve spent the last few days outside spray painting outdoor furniture and goods. I do most of the sanding (thank goodness for orbital sanders!) and Michael is the spray painting master. One of his college jobs was working at Sherwin Williams. The weather has been simply wonderful and all in all, it’s been very therapeutic.

While I’m waiting for Michael to finish, I have been walking around taking photos of various parts of this property. The house is in pretty poor shape, but the land around us is nothing short of spectacular. Some of the photos are good and some have come out a bit iffy. Sitting/standing still is sort of a challenge because the horseflies have been brutal recently. If I’m not mistaken it is their mating time. They’ll be quite the nuisance for about a month and then we generally don’t hear much from them for a year. I have some favorite spots that I’ll revisit over the next week and post to share.

Soon our beloved friend will have a new home to keep watch over.

In the beginning.

I thought I’d share a couple of reference photos of the early stages of the garden. These were taken at the beginning of June 2006.

Early garden
{ Click on image to enlarge. }

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