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Monday, Monday

It was a busy weekend, complete with a lot of rain, which has been much needed! I did pick up this sweet tiny Lenox bone china dish with coral and shells, perfect for the guest room at the Lowcountry Artist Market. It was from Lori Wyatt Vintage. Great stuff!

I’m supposed to be in the garden today so I should get on that. 🙂

Heather Jansch

A quickie post for today! A friend shared a photo of UK artist Heather Jansch‘s amazing driftwood horses and I had to pass the goodness and share them here!

Enjoy her work!

Bon Weekend – a trip to Fantasy Garden

Mom was feeling up for a run to a few nurseries this morning. It breaks our hearts that she lives in an world of incredible pain everyday, so when she says she’s ready, it’s go time! I’m so happy to be back in gardening mode while prepping for the move. We bought two hydrangeas at Rosebank Farms and then stopped by Garden Wise where we bought a gorgeous variegated hosta and a Farfugium japonicum ‘Giganteum’, aka the Giant Leopard Plant. The giant waxy leaves look like a tractor seat. They produce a stalk with yellow daisy-like flowers in the fall.

I follow a blog called ‘Garden Porn’ that is maintained by Michelle Derviss, who is a landscape designer. These are photos of the ‘Pina Colada Garden’ in Novato, CA. I believe this is her actual garden. It’s about as close to my dream garden as it’s going to get. I apologize in advance for the large file weight of the images, but I couldn’t just pick a few. I had a very difficult time narrowing it down to just these…

Fantasy Garden
Fantasy Garden
Fantasy Garden
Click to enlarge.

Want to see more?

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