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Monday, Monday – Vintage Sea Life

I was hoping to post my weekend project of tackling the studio closet, but it’s not finished so it’ll have to wait until either tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, here is my other new obsession…

I was on a search last week when I stumbled across some antique sea life prints from books and I believe they’ll work just fine in the color scheme I have planned for the guest room. I also ran across the fabric I used in the mood board and it’s bluer than the image I grabbed from Calico Corners, which makes me happy, although I don’t know if I’m going to use it now. I’m starting to see it a lot of places online and now offline and I’m rethinking using it in the room. Of course, that sent me off on another search for something else which I’ll post once I narrow that choice down!

Bon Weekend

It’s been a good week thus far. I received my letter of acceptance for the 2012 Charleston Farmers Market season and I’m thrilled to be returning! I also sold my sweet baby blue dragon tote this week. I gave it a great big hug before sending it off to it’s new home.

I’ll end the blogging week with some photos my friend Amy shared with me last night of an exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco featuring Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping. The piece is called ‘Wu Zei’, a cuttlefish-octopus hybrid measuring 25 metres. It is hung over the museum’s main chandelier (known as Medusa chandelier) allowing the head to glow.

Read more about this installation on the Oceanographic website and Art Culture.

{ All images from }

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

More Magnolia

And as promised, here are a few more photos from Magnolia! Next to Rosalie, my other favorite is the pyramid mausoleum. I keep forgetting to update my memory banks on the family who is resting here, so sadly I can’t provide any more information.



{ Click on images to enlarge. }


Paint me a picture

Two new items in the shop today! Recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to paint. I have also been wanting to expand some of our silk screen motifs onto something that could be hung on the walls. I started with these two pieces, combining water color, silk screen and some embroidering. I’m offering these in the shop and will continue to post more pieces as I finish them.

Each image clicks through to they’re respective listings.

Monday, Monday

I’ve whined a time or two about the lack of styling in the photos I take for my pillows and now bags. I started brainstorming last week and decided to try a sheet of MDF for the background. I can use it upstairs until we can give it a permanent home on the wall in the garage and a small area of floor space in which we can stage chairs and small tables to set the products. I’m going to go for white and I think I can finally put this stencil to use!

Hopefully I will be able to start working on this toward the end of the week. Progress photos to come!

I stumbled upon that lovely bit of inspiration while on my daily cruise around Pinterest.

Sneak Peek – Blue sparkle dragon bag

I was thinking that I would post this on Monday, but it got the better of me. I cannot resist the sparkle vinyl! This and the manatee tote are now live at the Happy Heathen shop!

Bon Weekend – Favorite places

My grandmother used to always tell me that you can judge a city by how they honor their dead. Despite our city’s imperfections I think we do pretty well in this department. We were downtown yesterday for the Charleston Farmers Market jurying (I missed the in-season vendor day as I was prescheduled for another event). We spent some of the downtime yesterday at one of my favorite places in the world… Magnolia Cemetery. It was a perfect blend of sunny and overcast and we got some great shots, but I’ve only had time to edit a few.

Rosalie Raymond. She’s been one of my favorites since I first started visiting the cemetery.


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Have a safe and fabulous weekend. I’ll have some new goodies to post next week and hopefully some more images from Magnolia!

Heather Jansch

A quickie post for today! A friend shared a photo of UK artist Heather Jansch‘s amazing driftwood horses and I had to pass the goodness and share them here!

Enjoy her work!

Monday, Monday

I’m very excited to share this new piece as it is the prototype for a new line in the shop. It will be available next week!

Pewter vinyl with a silk screened manatee and blue stitched lines. It is lined with a heavy linen/cotton blend fabric. The chain handles are upcycled from an old bag. The vinyl has an irridescent-like sheen to it so the manatee also changes color a bit.

I’m finishing another bag and will be in mostly full production with those and some other new items next week!

Bon Weekend – Good deals a-go-go

Joss & Main featured several Frederick Ramond lights recently and I jumped at the incredible deals (I mean really incredible), buying two of these brushed brass globes for the guest room. I had an instant crush on them just by looking at the photos and when they arrived today I am head over heels. I went into this relationship knowing that if for some reason they don’t work for their intended purpose, they’ll work somewhere in the house!

Cheers to a safe and fabulous weekend!

{ Photo credit: Joss & Main. }

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