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Monday, Monday

Eeeek! Today’s post is a tad late in the day but errands had us out and about for a good portion of the day. I’m sure it would be hard to imagine that we would be found out in the garden this weekend. The weather was amazing, minus the tornado warning and severe storm that hit us late Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day Michael took me to the ‘Plant Guy’ to pick up a few things. I can never remember his or the company’s name, but he sets up in the parking lot at Hwy. 61 and Wappoo Road for two to three months during the spring. We make a couple of visits while he’s here. Oh, and we also hit Hyams. Some things are so predictable. So for today I will share the latest photos!


Bon Weekend – Snappy shakers

I ran across these vintage Japanese lobster claw salt & pepper shakers while trying to find more information on the lobster boxes. After a couple of days I decided I couldn’t resist them and paid for them. They arrived yesterday and are adorning on of the shelves (they’ve currently replaced the rooster) in the breakfast nook.

They’re so cute I want to pinch them. Yeah, I went there. 🙂 Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

How does your moss grow?

I’ve always loved the look of moss covered pagoda lanterns. I have dreamed of one day seeing the two we have covered. Ok, one isn’t going to be a reality as long as it’s sitting in the sun all day but the one behind the pond has started to see some growth on the paver base. We have a nice row of moss along the bottom porch step/landing that I scraped off and placed on the roof and side yesterday. I didn’t add a coating of anything to it such as yogurt or beer. I figured that since it was growing elsewhere without help then maybe it would take off on the stone.

I’m open to suggestions!

{ Top photo credits: www.tochigidailyphoto.com1 | 2 }

Monday, Monday

I’ll start the week off with a mega dose of cute! I finished clearing the back porch of the remnants of Operation Greenhouse and while I still need to do a bit of organizing, life has returned to normal. And by normal I mean the cats are out there from the moment the door is opened until late in the evening when we close it for the night. Well, minus the time they spend hanging with mom.

Now, a little more on the ‘good’ side of a mild winter as mentioned in Friday’s post. I cut back most of the parrots feather in the pond and lo and behold, lily is coming back! The King of Siam is a tropical lily and in my laziness I didn’t bring it in for the winter.  Now we wait to see if we get this in a few months. Oh, and we’ll most likely move it to the big pond where it can get a little more exposure to the sun.

Hyams had these beautiful hanging baskets on sale a couple months back and I finally got around to planting something in them. We also picked up two begonias (our collection is coming along quite nicely!) while we were there and I decided to add those to the baskets. I also rummaged around the beds for various additional foliage. I hope these grow into something lovely!

And last but not least, another fun discovery. Back in November or December I cut a stalk of the umbrella plant to experiment with the prescribed propagation method, which is to turn it upside down and stick it in the dirt. It was in a spare pot and I thought it was long dead from the wilds of neglect and was wonderfully surprised when I saw this little shoot peeking through the dirt. I planted it behind the pond on Saturday. Now on to more propagating for other areas in the yard and to share with others. 🙂

Happy Monday!

Bon Weekend – Anniversaries

I moved the blog from Blogger a year ago this week. I’ve been very happy with WordPress so far. I’ll celebrate three years of big time blogging in August. Woot!

I took a few Instagram photos of some of the plants today. I’m happy to see more life emerging from the ground. The mild winter has been great in some respect but we’re going to pay for it this summer. The good:

It’s mid-March and some of the ginger is already above my knee.

The kaffir lime did very well in the pot and only lost a bit off the top.

I’m still scratching my head with this peony. We thought it long dead last summer but here it is!

I love Green Fever. Please have a safe and fabulous weekend. If the weather works, I hope everyone gets some quality outside time!

Project hoarding

I found this chair on Craigslist for a few bucks and have visions of redoing it with some awesome fabric and paint. I think it has great potential and if it doesn’t work we can donate it to Habitat. More to come…

The makeshift greenhouse worked wonders

I made some pretty good progress in the back beds over the last couple of days. The side was empty a year ago! I’ve made it to the other corner of the house, to the banana plant. In a fit of hating the creeping jenny I planted in various places last year (it got leggy and has made me unhappy), I’m pulling it up and replacing it with the sedum ground cover pictured below, which we have elsewhere. Like in the top photo. The big fish will be moved to the big pond once we have it dug and everything installed. I hope that happens before it gets too hot but we’ll see! The parrots feather needs to be addressed and I’m waiting to see if the lily is going to come back. I didn’t winterize it. The fish seem to be very happy!

Scott Antique Market

Michael and I had to run back to Atlanta last Thursday. He’s there for a job and I was going to stay a night or two to continue fabric shopping and get in trouble with my girlfriends. Things were going as planned until we were approaching Atlanta and an ad for Scott Antique Market came on the radio and in that instant everything changed. I was told several years ago that Scott was the place for Lakewood Fairgrounds Antique Market refugees to flock when the latter closed in 2006.

I picked up some of the girls and we got there around one and made it through most of the North building on Friday. It’s exhausting seeing so much beauty and awesomeness. We ended up returning late on Saturday as ‘things’ popped up that pushed my departure back a day. We made it about an hour before closing and found our junk/salvage paradise.

I passed by many, many delightful things telling myself that we’d go back until I found these ceramic lobster boxes and could not resist their cuteness. I searched for something similar and found a single box on Ruby Lane.

I could have taken home just about everything from this booth as their prices were very reasonable…

But it was the vintage/antique skep that had me falling out. Michael and I have been dreaming of owning one but we know we’re going to wait quite a bit. It was lovely seeing this one.

This is probably one of my favorite items, a perfume holder and is about four inches in length. I didn’t get a very good photo of the vial extended, but it can be seen here. A tad out of my price range but maybe it will still be there the next time I’m there so I can do it a little more justice.

I am always fascinated by how people use/style animal parts, such as this camel foot ink well and bathing stag.


Aileen added these beauties to her skull collection.


As I was taking their photos the vendor suggested I have a look at the $20K lions. Sadly, I don’t have a space or $40K to take them home with me. I do hope they find a good home some day.

This fella was covering a power box outside.

Here are a few more images. It was hard to keep up as there were so many amazing finds at each turn.

This was an egg laying machine. We all loved the delightfully decrepit chickies and that dad was checking in on everyone.

I’m not sure why I loved these so much but they’re plain awesome.

As I was working on this post I discovered that Lakewood is alive and well on the third weekend of the month in Cumming, Ga. Ah, double the trouble but I’ll have to wait until the Farmer’s Market has closed for the season. Ain’t no way I can make it this weekend!

Dirt therapy

We’ve spent time every day this week working to reclaim the back yard. We brought the plants off the porch to give them a taste of the outside and will hopefully take the plastic down this weekend. It’s exciting to see life popping up from their winter hibernation. Several stalks of ginger are quite high at the moment as well as the canna.

I decided to pull together some of my favorite photos from last year to inspire us to make it bigger and greener this year! It feels great to have dirt under my nails again. 🙂

Monday, Monday

It was a busy weekend, complete with a lot of rain, which has been much needed! I did pick up this sweet tiny Lenox bone china dish with coral and shells, perfect for the guest room at the Lowcountry Artist Market. It was from Lori Wyatt Vintage. Great stuff!

I’m supposed to be in the garden today so I should get on that. 🙂

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