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More Goodwill hunting

We were treated to an unplanned visit from Tyler last week so I stayed off the internet for most of that time. We had a great time with him and wish he could have stayed longer. We got some other projects started after he left and will share those soon, but I wanted to share the gifts the thrifting gods provided yesterday!

My dear friend Aileen mentioned that she would love to have a terrarium, so I volunteered to make one for her. I’ve been on the hunt for something really awesome to house the plants without much luck. We found this large round vessel at Goodwill yesterday and I think it’s time to start ‘terraforming’. 😉

We also found a few brass items on the shelves. One was planter but it wasn’t actually brass and they wanted $8.00. Sorry, but I thought that was a bit much. Phoenix & dragon pot. Elsewhere was this beautiful phoenix & dragon pot for $2.00. This was a much better deal in my opinion!

I believe it probably had a lid with it originally but we are intending to store something openly in it so it wouldn’t make a difference!

A sweet little glass box with mirrored bottom.

There have always been a brass cricket boxes in the house and most have come and gone, except the one on the left, which has been around for as long as I can remember. We’re passively rebooting our collection, starting with the small box we bought a couple months ago. Part of yesterday’s score was the larger box on the right.

And of course, I’ve started looking online at more beautiful boxes! As tempting as they are, I’m going to hold off and allow them to find us locally.

Not that I follow trends but I do love my brass!

Favorite Souvenirs – Absinthiana

I decided to partake in Centsational Girl’s Favorite Souvenirs Link Party today. Michael and I went to France in the spring of 2006. We only had a day and a half in Paris at the end and we stayed in a lovely hotel in the Latin Quarter. We woke up to an overcast Sunday morning and made our way to see Luc Santiago at Vert d’Absinthe. Along our wonderful stroll we stopped by the Notre Dame while Mass was in progress. It was quite a sight. We made it to Luc’s and stocked up on several bits of absinthiana including the Art Nouveau lady fountain, and had a taste of a few vintage samples. As we headed back to our hotel it started to rain. Really rain. We found a delightful cafe and ducked in for shelter. As we were looking through our new treasures, the cafe owner pulled out a bottle of absinthe. People didn’t drink much of it – the ban had been lifted a couple years prior – so he was excited to watch the louching ritual. We gathered a small crowd and he gave us a few of the drinks on the house. Once the rain cleared we very merrily made our way back to the hotel, dropped of our stuff and headed out to the Eiffel Tower on foot.

Here are photos of both fountains used at our wedding reception…

Michael and our friend Al talking all things absinthe before louching up a couple glasses.

Michael and I had different flights as I arrived in France several days after him and we went for the lowest fares available. That meant his flight home had a connection in Frankfurt, where he had to go through customs with the fountain. He said it was quite a sight with him trying to explain what it was in his very poor German. They finally shook their shoulders and let him through and the fountain made it home safely. We’ve enjoyed many glasses since. As a matter of fact, I think we should partake tonight!

{ Photo credit: Stacey Bode Photography }

Because this NEEDS to be in our garden

Or your garden! Brooklyn Limestone, in partnership with Pier1, is hosting a $100 Pier1 gift card giveaway! How can you enter? Go over to the entry page, comment and then promote the giveaway via Twitter or your blog.

Here’s to hoping this gorgeous baby could end up in the back yard! I know of a few areas it would be smashing.

Photo credit: { MrsLimestone }

To die for…

No, no, not the movie. However, Nicole Kidman may find these as awesome as I do!

This just in on the Design*Sponge ICFF report: these incredible brass hexagonal tables from Egg Collective. I wouldn’t kill for them but if a couple showed up at the house I wouldn’t ask questions. 😉


Photo credit: { Design*Sponge }

Monday, Monday

I thought it was time to start addressing on of our ‘corners of shame’. I haven’t given it a great deal of effort as the soil is absolute dreck and we eventually want this to be tiered, hopefully. However, it’s in mom’s main line of sight from her bed and I just couldn’t have her look out onto this patch of ick. We cleared out some of the area we cleared last year, laid down garden/weed cover, gravel and a couple pavers. Besides, it was time to move some of the pots from the other corner and patio. One of the many benefits of containers – when one space starts getting full it’s easy to rearrange and add focus to another area.

So, here we are last year in May:

And when we finished yesterday:

The red canna is struggling in the ground. It was planted last year, and the cannas in the pot are transplants from last year’s mother in the front corner. The bananas are only doing better because we’re on a more intensive fertilizing program. I hope if we up the fertilizer with them we’ll see some change.

I shared our Mothers Day gift we gave to mom last week and now it’s time to share the gift I was given for being an awesome stepmom/fur mom. 😉 We transplanted one of our rescue Jades into the pot, per mom’s request. I’m on the fence whether it will stay there or if we’ll wait until it gets larger. I shouldn’t complain as it’s done very well since we found it last year.

And since I talked about it last Friday, I decided to go ahead and tray the carnivorous pots before it gets really hot here.

I haven’t shown the Nepenthes in a while:

A while back I professed my black thumb in regards to succulents. I think I’m doing a little better now:

I’ll finish the post with a little details eye candy!

Here’s to a fabulous week!

Bon weekend – Keeping up with the Carnies

The Lowcountry climate is suitable for a variety of carnivorous plants. One of the common methods of watering is the tray method (Nepenthes are one of the exceptions) as many plants live in water in the swampy/boggy areas and need to be consistently wet, or climate conditions dictate that the plant needs a bit of special handling.

One such beauty is Darlingtonia Californica, aka the Cobra Plant/Lily. It gets it name from the from the forked leaf that resembles fangs or a serpent’s tongue. It is native to Northern California/Southern Oregon and requires a lot of water, preferably cool to cold. Since I tend to get hung up on aesthetics I’m always on the lookout for something other than a plastic pot to house ‘the kids’. I found a lovely green vessel while out thrifting this week. Michael used his masonry drill bit to make the holes and now she has a lovely new pad.

I think I need to use a different colored (and potentially deeper) saucer than the one pictured in the first image. This combo isn’t really working for me.

Oh, and, how awesome was it see on the front page of last Sunday’s Home & Garden section of the Post & Courier a picture of pitcher plants? Beyond awesome!

Go go guest room

Broyhill dresser

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from moving forward with the larger guest room projects since the one that got away, and to save money for other needs. That ended recently when we found this Broyhill Premier Collection “Emphasis” credenza at a local thrift/consignment shop. It’s in wonderful condition, so much so that I am resisting all urges to paint. There are several pieces/projects in the room slated for painting and my thinking has now shifted to having some wood grain in the room. I am also thinking of adding feet to it, giving it a little ‘lift’.

While I’m at it, perhaps it’s a good time to list what we hope to see done in the room:
– Paint ceiling.
– Paint walls.
– Crown molding.
– Finish the chair we purchased.
– Make pillows.
– Make pelmet.
– Make headboard… unless something awesome finds it’s way to us.
– Make bed skirt.
– Make curtains.
– Lampshade for table lamp.
– Decide if we’re painting the base of the lamp.
– Ceiling fan… this doesn’t have to purchased right away.
– Order louvered closet door. We need to order the one for our room and mom’s room at some point.
– Get our old sofa out and downstairs, and get the credenza upstairs.

Stay tuned!

Stuart McLachlan

My love of silhouettes was fortified recently when I discovered the incredibly gorgeous paper art of Australian artist Stuart McLachlan, thanks to Pinterest. I am smitten with with his work. He also makes some pretty amazing hats. I wonder if he makes them in adult sizes?

{ I found first four larger image sizes on The last image is from }

Love your mother

My next to last Inman Park Festival vendor shout out goes to Drea Firewalker (sadly, no website) and her garden art. We bought this bird feeder for mom and it is now about a foot and a half from the millstone pond. I snapped an update shot of it the week before last:

This eCard from Tyler made my day yesterday.

I love that boy.

Speaking of ‘Love Your Mother‘, we were treated with several rain showers throughout the day yesterday. That’s the ultimate mother loving!

{ Bumper sticker image credit: Peace Resource Project. }

I hope it was a safe and fabulous weekend for all!

It’s in the bag

I’ve been terrible about photographing and sharing new inventory. This is one of the bags I finished for last weekend and took while we were setting up the tent. It was popular but sadly, it didn’t leave with anyone so I’ll have it with me tomorrow at the Charleston Farmers Market.

Turquoise glitter vinyl is my new favorite material.

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