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Giveaway: Kiki & Polly

Sweet! Lindsey just posted this exciting giveaway at Lost & Fawned
‘I’m so excited to announce an amazing giveaway with one of my favorite etsy artists Kiki & Polly! Lisa Golightly captures the joy and adventure of being a child in gorgeous paintings. The name is derived from her daughter’s beloved bird Kiki and imaginary friend Polly. Every painting is like a little mini adventure and leave me imagining the story behind the image.

One amazingly lucky person this week will win an 8.5 x 11 print of their choice!

Want to enter? CLICK HERE!

More studio progress…

My ‘crafting’ table. This is where the little bits are assembled. I also painted the MDF top yesterday. The one we bought at IKEA didn’t fit the stands, so I gave it to Michael and we bought this to replace it. CVS is having a sale on chalk so that was an added bonus!

This morning:

This afternoon:

The rewards of August…

Knowing that the beauty of autumn is just around the corner. Lindsey created a gorgeous complilation of muted oranges and golds on her website, which I can’t stop staring at! I can see why it inspired her to create this Etsy treasury.


You know how much I think you rock lady!

Poppytalk Handmade Marketplace

I read many wonderful design and decor blogs in my Google Reader. The inspiration keeps me going on the hectic days. I have to admit that was I completely unaware of the presence of Poppytalk until very recently when my friend Mari mentioned the site in a journal post. Thank you Mari, it was one of the best virtual gifts I’ve had in a while!

If I’m not the last person on the planet to know about the site, they also run a handmade virtual marketplace called Poppytalk Handmade, which is a ‘monthly online street market curated by Poppytalk to showcase, buy and sell handmade goods of emerging design talent from around the world.’. The theme for August is ‘Back to school’, and I applied for a spot a couple of weeks ago and I was accepted to participate! I’m tremendously honored to have a ‘table’ alongside so many talented artists. This market runs today through the 27th and I have the nifty badge in the right column that links to the site.

I’m almost as excited to see my piece made it on the first page of the photo montage promoting the new theme!


Thanks again Poppytalk, I’m honored you like my work! I think this .gif sums it up rather nicely…

Domestic Bliss – They loaded up the wagon and they moved it to Gwinnett…

When Michael moved in with me, neither one of us had much furniture. The logical thing to do was to hit IKEA to buy a bed, 2 bookcases, a dining room table, bar, sofa, coffee table, side tables, floating shelves, tv table, computer table, and a host of small stuff. We always knew it would be transitional furniture as we gathered ‘old stuff’ together.

Michael and Tyler are headed back to Atlanta today, and Michael is supposed to return mid to late week. Packed up with them is our tv, the tv table, and the small bookcase that Tyler will use in his room. In return, he will buy us a small tv that we will keep in the bedroom. As most of you know, this house is much smaller than the one we just left, the one that easily held ours and my parents households together. Moving these pieces has allowed a few of the ‘we don’t really have room for this’ furniture to be moved upstairs into our bedroom. They’re pieces we love and are happy to have in what will become our sanctuary once again.

A couple of photos taken in our last bedroom for reference…



That coffee table is in gnarly shape so it is going to be taken apart and possibly stored to be salvaged into something else at a later point.

My jewelry will go back to this display, with a little different flair.

Vintage jewelry

In other news, the stencil came in a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but we’ve decided there are too many angles and turns in the bedroom walls to make it anything less than hell to apply. I’m going to use it in the dining room and do a freehand design in the bedroom.

Bon Weekend.

We had a pretty hectic day today, so I was unable make this post until late. I decided to google ‘bon weekend’ and then look at the images. I found this delightful photo!

{ Jimbaran Beach, Bali, Indonesia by Flickr member DanielKHC. }

I’m getting my virtual table ready at Poppytalk Handmade tomorrow and will post the info when it goes live, which will be Monday. I also have another exciting piece of news to share, but I’m waiting for everything to be finalized before announcing anything!

Bon weekend!

A way to say ‘Thank You’.

I’m very excited that I had a customer return for a second purchase the other day. I have been thinking about ways to thank customers for repeated business, even my friends! One was to make something small, like a pin, and drop it in the box. I decided to go with a gift certificate instead. It can be given to a friend or family member and I have written the Esty member name on the back to be referenced for discount.

I hope this will be adequate in expressing my appreciation.


I love waking up in the morning to an email telling me I’ve been featured in a Etsy Treasury. Thank you Prisha, I’m honored to have been included!


Charleston Esty Treasury >>

Backyard Scrabble

I love Scrabble® and I can’t think of a better use of a small patch of yard than this. Ok, maybe a chess board. Once again, Pinterest has brightened my day. It also reminds me to subscribe to Sunset in my reader. My mother has been reading the magazine since I was a child and I love it!

{ Photo credit: SFGate via Sunset Magazine }

Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper

This tiny {leg expanse wasn’t wider than a dime} electric green guy was on the porch door yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Michael snapped the best shot he could, while all the time it was trying to jump at him. A friend helped identify it as Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper. In the southeastern US it is one of the most easily recognized jumping spider, with it’s neon green body and large orange ‘cap’. She’s an amazing photographer and said she would do ‘unmentionable things’ to get her hands on one. I’m trying to relocate it. 😉

Neon spider

More on the Magnolia Green Jumper. >>

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