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Bon Weekend – Black Light Fun

Michael is always looking for a chance to play with his black/uva light device. We have a small collection of vaseline/uranium/ouraline glass and are always looking to add to our collection. We have smaller version we carry with us when we’re hunting for vaseline glass. We’ve been asked how we’ve created some of the effects, so I thought I’d share a few things.

Our Halloween displays used a more focused exposure to the light as we were shooting in daylight and we were using a diluted solution for the specimen jars.

Our vaseline bowl, which was achieved by moving the light from the side, up over the top and to the other side. Rinse, lather and repeat for the duration of the timer.


Dinner with the Mad Scientist ll and Brooklyn Limestone Feature

Hello Brooklyn Limestone readers, and those still hanging around these parts! I’ve been a reader for several years and Stefanie’s decorations|party ideas knock my socks off, and I look forward to her Halloween posts with great anticipation! When she contacted me about a feature after I left a recent comment on the blog, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.

We’re continuing the Dinner with the Mad Scientist theme from two years ago. Most of the usual suspects have returned and we’ve collected a few new pieces since. The previous post has information on many of the details we repurposed this year. I have also updated the Aged Specimen Jar Label DIY post.

Smaller images can be clicked to view larger versions.

Michael came up with the idea to add some Sharpie solution to the dark green I was using for the large specimen jars and the effect is delightfully eerie. We also played with a black light behind the jars while taking a few of the photos. (more…)

Latest work

I’m quite pleased with the work I’ve been producing over the last year and I am working on patterning several new prototypes (I’m keeping those under wraps at the moment) for the upcoming  Farmers Market season. I am also in the process of merging the two shops and moving them over the Big Cartel.

In the interim, here are some not so great photos of recent bags I’ve made. The top three are available for purchase if anyone is interested in them, please contact me at evita(at)thehappyheathen(dot)com.

Turquoise Squid
Exterior: Turquoise sparkle vinyl | silk screened & embellished on both sides | reinforced seam on the bottom | footed bottom | handles sewn & riveted
Interior: Upholstery striped linen/cotton blend in ivory, blues and browns | one side pocket | corrugated plastic used for the flooring
Measures: 22″ wide at the top |17 ” high | 15″ x 7″ bottom

Royal Squid
Exterior: Royal blue sparkle vinyl | silk screened & embellished on both sides | reinforced seam on the bottom | footed bottom | handles sewn & riveted
Interior: Upholstery linen in ivory, blues, greens and grey | one side pocket | corrugated plastic used for the flooring
Measures: 22″ wide at the top |17 ” high | 15″ x 7″ bottom

Multi-blue Bonefish
Exterior: Turquoise sparkle vinyl | silk screened & embellished on both sides | reinforced seam on the bottom | footed bottom | handles sewn & riveted
Interior: Upholstery linen in ivory, blues, greens and grey | one side pocket | corrugated plastic used for the flooring
Measures: 22″ wide at the top | 18″ high | 15″ x 7″ bottom

The bags below have all SOLD!

Peppermint Placemats

These are a quick, inexpensive and festive way to dress up a holiday table. I used foam sheets that I picked up from Michaels a couple years ago for a costume project. They’re an almost perfect size for a placemat, and I’m thinking other materials such as poster board, cardboard, or foam board would make a nice wrapping base if they’re handy.

Remove the tag and staples, and wrap away! The ‘wrapping’ job on the back doesn’t have to be perfect, btw!

After setting the table it is time to eat, drink and be merry.

Bon Appétit!

Hark! Is this a post?

I’m not very fond of over sharing, but there are some current issues that are taking priority over projects and posting, and I will go in a bit more depth in upcoming posts. But it’s the holidays and we’re making merry and decking the halls. I’m happy to say this year is about a 95% recycled holiday season.

I’ll start with the last bits and go forward. After I finished the holiday decorating, I had some extra snow in the bag. I pulled a few ornaments from the tree and mantel (those will be fairly obvious), and made a little ornament vignette to save as inspiration for next year.


Bon weekend – to Market we go!

It will be a busy weekend coming up with tomorrow at the Charleston Farmers Market and Sunday at the Maker’s Market at Mixson! Several of my fellow CFM vendors will be at Mixson. I had great time last month even though we got rained out after several hours. Met some great people, had some great food and drinks and loved the music.

I hope it’s a safe and fabulous Labor Day Weekend for everyone!

Lovely bones

I treated myself to some of Aileen’s artwork recently. It arrived yesterday and this Instagram photo pales in showcasing it’s splendor. But that’s for another photo session! 🙂 Currently, I’m trying to decide how to showcase it in our space. We have a pocket watch dome to display an old family timepiece but it’s brass so I started a search for something in a silver finish. It lead me to the discovery of this amazing timepiece, a Momento mori pocket watch.

‘Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as “Remember you must die” (and the origin of the English word memento, which appeared as memento mori, “remembrance of death”). It names a genre of artistic creations that vary widely from one another, but which all share the same purpose: to remind people of their own mortality and the punishment they will receive if they transgress the rules of their religion. Skull form watches were popular during the renaissance.’

I found it on Stephen Bogoff‘s site via Watchismo. I’d love to know who has this in their possession!

Picture credits in post.

Painter’s Tape DIY Contest Finalist

A couple weeks ago I sent in my entry for the Painter’s Tape DIY Contest. I was thrilled to receive an email that my project was selected as one of the top 20 finalists (psst… it’s the painted planter)!

All the entries in the groupings are incredible and wow, I’m honored to be included among such great work. Please go look at the Group 1 and vote for your favorite from that group.

Thanks again, D*S and I’m already planning a project from Group 1.

I love good company

My sweet, sweet husband ordered me a few plants for my birthday last week. At his request I sent him lists from several sellers. He chose Wellspring Gardens in Florida on eBay, and they arrived today.

One Allspice, one coffee, two Nepenthes Lantern alata, two Agave potatorum, and two COLOCASIA ‘Tea Cups’.

Here they are without their protective wrappings.

This is the second time we’ve ordered from Wellspring and we’re very happy with our plants.

ETA – I totally forgot to mention that the box was filled with the scent of the Allspice when I opened it and it was wonderful.

Painted Planter DIY

I finally getting around to posting the process of the planter I posted not long ago, which was featured in Design*Sponge’s Painter’s Tape DIY Contest. The design was inspired by Solanum pyracanthum (if anything ever happens to it I’ll be beside myself as I can’t stop talking about it). While it is small now, we’re looking forward to the day it is large and bushy, and we found a lovely small blue glazed ceramic pot for it’s current home. I wanted the permanent pot to be as unique as the plant itself. Keeping with a complimentary blue palette I picked three shades of blue and blue/green for the chevron pattern. I also wanted to simulate the beautiful orange spikes in an abstract manner and I choose mint green and orange for those.

We found a Madagascar palm on sale recently and it’s the perfect plant to live in the pot while the S. pyracanthon continues to grow. Based on photos we’ve seen of Madagascar palms, we’re going to need a much larger pot in the not too distant future.

chevronPot1 chevronPot2 chevronPot3 chevronPot4 chevronPot5

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