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Bedroom Update and Thank You Design*Sponge!

I’m very please to share that Design*Sponge has featured the bedroom wall painting project! Thanks D*S! ♥

ETA: I just learned that the process I used for the wall treatment is referred to as ‘shadow striping’, thanks to a wonderful D*S sneak peek I found on Pinterest!

I’ve gone into some more details of the bedroom project behind the cut. (more…)

The Killer Garden

Among the many things that gave us great joy in our old loft garden, the container mini-bog was one of our favorites. Most of the plants were locally grown, which was pretty awesome. With so much uncertainty about life back home in Charleston, we decided to give the container to a neighbor when we moved. It was painful but we felt it was for the best.

Here are a couple of photos of our mini-bog back in Atlanta.


Pitcher Saraccenia

We’ve been waiting to make a fresh start with a new container mini-bog. We checked with Hyams a couple months ago but with no luck. Michael picked up a few plants at Pike’s while in Atlanta but it wasn’t until he was about an hour away from home that he realized that he’d left them. Poor thing, he was inconsolable for a while and Tyler was at a loss at what to do for the plants as he’s never dealt with any green thing before! We considered ordering some plants online, and The Carnivorous Plant Connection in Asheville looks amazing, but we decided to try Hyams again last week. They had a small selection of carnies this time and we scooped up several and went off to find a container.

We’ve tried finding another shallow pre-form liner like we had before, and even wanted to use the same for the millstone fountain, but we can’t find them anywhere. We spotted this beautiful ceramic planter on sale last week at Lowe’s and thought it would make a lovely place to lay down roots.

Killer Garden

Planted are a Venus Fly Trap, a Butterwort, a Sundew, 2 varieties of Sarracenia. We found the corkscrew rush on the rescue rack at Lowe’s and added it to the mixture. I’d like to find another dwarf papyrus. I think we’re also going to look at some of the larger, more variegated Sarracenia from Asheville to add to our collection, but I want to spend a little time with what we have and I want to make sure I can keep them alive before investing in more!. It’s been almost four years since we lived with them and it seems I’ve forgotten some things.

Happy eating!

And there was much rejoicing.

fireworks 21
Photo by Flickr user ursmajor.

I’ve been away yet I’ve been right here. There have a few events happening in RL that combined with trying to keep up with multiple social networking sites I, well, let the dust start collecting here. When I was ready to start posting a few weeks back I couldn’t think of where to start. A friend simply said, “Just post something, anything, but do it to get rolling again.”. She’s right! I think I’ll share some highlights of what I’ve/we’ve been working on since I flew the coop. I’ll then repost each with more information and details! So without further ado and for your viewing pleasure I give… you pictures!

We revamped our breakfast nook last month. I really love hanging out in this space!

I made these collapsible display busts for the booth inspired by this wonderful tutorial on Design*Sponge:

I completed an intensely fun painting project recently. No really, it was incredibly therapeutic!

Michael cleaned and rewired this beautiful clock we found at thrift store.

We’ve made some great progress in the garden/back yard. We installed a shade sail/sail shade with a collapsible pole system this weekend. It’s not finished but I have this so far.

We had some water issues in the pond that had us stumped for a while but I think we’ve worked them out. This little frog has taken up permanent residence in the pond.

As well as one frisky dragonfly.

We got our new carnivorous garden started.

I showed no mercy when I ripped the nasty old carpet off the stairs last week.

That’s it for today. I’ve really missed this place. ♥

Bon Weekend – New Discoveries

Mix media artist Betsy Youngquist! Oh my, I love her work.

From her Etsy profile page:
Betsy Youngquist’s mixed media beadwork reflects a fascination with the intersection of humans, animals, and mythology. Stemming from a life-long love of all creatures great and small, Betsy’s work weaves together the human and animal spirit through a surrealistic lens.

When creating her embellished objects, Betsy collaborates with sculptor R. Scott Long in designing and constructing the forms. Each piece starts as a unique carving. The surfaces are encrusted with beads and found materials in a mosaic process, often incorporating fragments of old porcelain dolls.

To learn more about Betsy and to see more of her amazing work, please visit her Etsy store or her website.

{ All photos are from Betsy Youngquist’s site and Etsy store. }


It doesn’t matter the time of year, I can work on curating my ‘Calgon’ pinboard. I’m always on the hunt for images of turquoise colored waters in paradise, so please share ’em if you have ’em!

The Weekend

Saturday was my second weekend at the Charleston Farmers Market. I’ve had some pretty decent sales both days and some great feedback from Market goers. The first weekend was a little wobbly as I really hadn’t worked out the dynamics of my both displays and such, but it really wouldn’t until I physically set up for a day. I took notes and made changes/improvements and this is what it looked like on Saturday.

I still have a few more things that I want to make to help the bib necklaces look better. I’m starting to think about this tutorial on Design*Sponge.

For Mother’s Day we made a new fountain for my mother (she lives with us). We have an old millstone that belonged to my grandmother and it passed into my mother’s possession when I was a child. It was placed at the threshold to the main entrance of their last home for 25 years. It was one of the last items to be removed when they sold the house.

Millstone fountain

I’m very pleased with it and can’t wait to see the plants we planted in the water to start showing. We’ll add some fish in a few weeks. The water flow is very gentle and shouldn’t be to much for them.

Mom’s having back surgery this afternoon and I think this space is a nice addition to her ‘recovery suite’, as she calls it.

Bon Weekend

'New' Mirror

Michael and I found this lovely reproduction of an Art Nouveau mirror in heavy brass at an antique shop the other day. It will make a fine addition to the booth. I may find myself actually looking in the mirror more often!

Bon weekend! ♥


We had a wonderful first day at the Farmers Market on Saturday, Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Sunday, and the web project I have been working on for some time finally went live today. We gave each other a composter and wheel barrow as anniversary gifts to each other. We were tempted on making our own composter, but with everything on our ‘to do’ list it would have been forever and a day until we would have gotten this finished. So…we decided to purchase one.

It took us a while to get this puppy together and I’m glad to read that others have required more than a pair of hands to complete the job. Michael worked on building/compacting an earthen pad about a foot high to support the bin, and it now sits behind our fence.


Once again, I’m finding myself becoming keenly aware of our consumption and waste, and how we can better utilize things once they’re past their intended use. We’re actually going to build a large round chicken wire cage to add compostables while things are cooking in the tumbler.

Sunday also meant more time working and improving the garden beds around the house. I found one of the photos I took of the virgin yard last year.

Late June 2010

This is where were are today.


We moved the second pagoda to the back corner of the yard and planted a few new things in this area.

Far Back Corner

We snuck in a few new plants in the shade garden.

Back Porch Right

And lastly, the ever evolving edible garden area!

Side Early May

I think that’s enough picture spam for today. I’m off to look for a few things to sass up my booth for this Saturday.

Militant Guild of Rural Tailors

Rural Tailor Brass Knuckle Scissors 1
Knuckle “Guildsman’s Shears”

A dear friend posted a link to this photo hosted on Tumblr. Now, like so many photos posted on Tumblr of which I’m a guilty party, there’s not a speck of information provided. Anyway, I did an image search to find out more about them and stumbled across the Flickr account of Militant Guild of Rural Tailors Research Group, which lead me to their blog. From what gathered reading the blog and elsewhere, it functions to showcase a beautifully crafted menswear line cloaked in a creatively designed hoax to expose an underground tailors guild, a rebellion against mass manufactured mediocrity, ‘Tailors against Taylorism‘.

The blog has a lot of great historical information woven into the fantasy but sadly, the site hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors 2a
Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors

Rural Tailor's Crown 1
Rural Tailor’s Crown

Rural Tailor Thimble-Tipped Bullet
Thimble -Tipped Bullet

All of the props were made by Young Meagher, I believe.

We sure held out on getting those barrels…

Rain Barrel

No really, we tried to wait until next month but we bit the bullet and headed out to Earthfare yesterday afternoon to pick up two 55 gallon barrels. We’ve been eyeing theirs for the past three years and they appear to have the best prices in town, at $69.99 a piece. They’re quite large so when we got them home, we had to move the Hydrangea and Hosta to fit the base { one of the patio pavers }. We were treated to a wonderful rain shower just as we finished! We were amazed at how much came down the chain in such a short amount of time, and just in the one gutter. { video clip } It did allow us to see where we need to make some adjustments. We’re going to add a feeder pipe at the top and we’re definitely going to add a link or two between each cup in an attempt to reduce some of the ‘spitting’.

Rain Barrel


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