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Bon Weekend – Rage against the throw away technology.

Michael never ceases to make me smile. His monitor died the other day and he’s been trying to adapt to the Mac OS on my laptop {he replaced the keyboard after I spilled my tea on it last year} until we could buy a new one. He was totally loving the transition, but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to pull the monitor apart and saw that three of the capacitors were starting to swell. He took them off and tested them to find out they were indeed bad. Thankfully his High Voltage obsession has caused him to collect just about every size cap out there and he was able to fix the monitor.

For some reason I thought this deserved a pictorial of sorts. The part of camera shy Michael is being played today by Nunzilla.

Nunzilla thought she was being funny until she realized she needs reading glasses. They say W5A.

So take that throw away technology!

The great cover up.

A comment on the D*S post reminded me that we did indeed need a breath of freshness in our bed linens, especially the bed cover. I searched high and low and of course, I found *the one* at Anthropologie, the Laelia quilt. I shared it for my birthday request but still had a lot of guilt about the cost. The quilt and shams bring it to just under $400 and I could have gone for the quilt only, but the shams do add some flavor. We were at Home Goods yesterday and found this beautiful quilt featuring peonies, butterflies and bees. I cannot resist peonies. I really love it but I’m trying to decide if it’s competing with the red elements or if I should embrace it.

New quilt

Bed Wall

New quilt


Housecleaning and a new DIY page

I was updating a few posts this weekend when I discovered what seemed to be a *tiny* snafu when I imported all of the old posts from Blogger. I’m not exactly sure where things went wrong, but all of those posts had page errors when clicked on, as well as some serious taxonomy issues. It meant spending the evening hours during the weekend going into every post and republishing them, as well as adding the correct categories & tags. That’s good, that’s very good.

What’s even better is that this motivated me to create a new page dedicated to DIY projects we’ve worked on. Some have detailed steps and some are kind of basic, but I hope they’ll prove to be inspirational. We have several projects ‘on the books’ and will work those in as time allows. In the meantime…let me introduce the new page!

I still need to work through my categories and tags as well as making link categories, but for now, I think I’ve got things fairly in order.

Bon Weekend – project finished!


New shade of red and the magazine rack is finished!

I have one more photo after all of the rust was sanded off… (more…)

Puttying about

Oh dear, I do believe I sounded a tad cranky yesterday! I finished sanding the magazine rack and got a coat of spray paint applied. I have no idea what I was thinking when I picked out the color, so we picked up another shade of red while we were on a supply run at Lowe’s tonight. Good thing as I borked the paint in a couple of places. Seriously though, I should leave the spray painting to Michael. He worked for Sherwin Williams while in college and is the spray master!

I got the sanding and filling done on the stairs and will do another round of light sanding before painting. Hopefully we can start that tomorrow night. We’re doing white kick plates and steps will be Paradise Green by Valspar.

The photo on the left was taken just after I pulled up the nasty carpet runner.

I’m also going to paint the banister/railing white.

Peeling back the layers

There’s a reason this lovely little magazine rack was pretty cheap. Oh the rust, oh the sanding! I hope to have it painted by the end of the week as we’re also working on the stairs and finishing the entry nook during the same time.

The color will be a lovely red satin.

Monday, Monday

Wow, what an incredibly beautiful weekend we’ve had here in the Lowcountry! We’ll start to feel things return to ‘normal’ over the next few days, but in the meantime we’re spending as much time outside as we can. We worked on clipping several plants for rooting and we’re about to separate the papyrus’ and a few others and move them to other beds. I am so excited to see the garden starting to propagate!


I can’t get over how many gorgeous varieties of coleus we’ve seen this year. We’re propagating about four different plants right now.

Making an entrance

We’re about to head downtown for the Farmers Market and since I missed getting this up yesterday, I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to get another project posted. We’re working on our entry/landing area. We used primed bead board for this project.

Michael lightly hung up the coat rack to show mom the progress.

We just need to sand the patches and then paint. The umbrella stand needs a bath and possibly a paint job and we need to find something that will work as boot trays. We also decided on the color Paradise Green from Valspar for the stairs.

We may have this finished by the end of the weekend. The garden always beckons…

Shelter from the swelter


We’ve been doing our best to embrace the onslaught of summer, but we have our breaking point. It’s rendered the yard virtually unusable during the daytime, and that’s the best time for mom to try to take her mind away from the daily pain she lives in (even after the last round of surgery). She has dreamed of having a pergola one day but we need something NOW. We all agreed that a sail shade would be perfect for this space. I found some on for a really great price and we ordered one with a square shape. We only have two fixed anchor points to work with and I really didn’t want to have permanent poles installed in the ground, so we brainstormed an idea to sink the poles in tubes seated in pots. I originally wanted to go with large ceramic pots but that seemed a little cost prohibitive with buying two pots at the time, and we have plans (and need to budget) for using large ceramic pots elsewhere in the garden. So, we went with these resin pots from Lowes.

1. Cement is mixed and the pvc pipe is set into place.


Bon Weekend – bounty from the rescue rack

We’re not sure what some of these will look like when they bloom again, but we’re patient. As soon as the plants have finished flowering, we’ll repot them. Most of the time they’re sold {at non-nurseries} planted in nothing but sphagnum moss keeping the roots continually moist, which is not a good thing. We’re also looking into installing a couple of glass shelves in the the window insert to give ample light and space for everyone, and then we’ll get the humidity trays set up for them.

Oh, and don’t mind that weirdness on the wall below the window. Something Pictureshow added in one of the filters. I almost panicked like it was a ghost patch or something. 😉

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