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I decided to mock-up the box without the Leo symbol and add a few more lights. I like it much better and now we just need to make it look like this in reality. I’ll then write up the tutorial for the end of the week. Right now, I need to finish a commission!



I had a couple of posts I wanted to share today but I’m going to save them till later in the week. I snapped a photo of the stars from the LED light strand we used from the project I posted yesterday because I think we can do something with them in the bedroom. I love the pattern/layering effect of the plastic. Me thinks it will do well with the walls.

It’s in the stars… I may have used this headline before!

Ha! I just noticed I published a post that is far from being ready to share at this time. 🙂 But I will share this finished piece I have in for a DIY submission. I think it’s pretty cool and I’ll either share the full details later!


Domestic Bliss – At the Farmers Market

We stopped by the Farmers Market to pick up some ingredients for pear relish, see some vendor friends and get my Saturday lunch fix. I’m so happy that I was able to try the tofu today as we usually get our lunch after the rush and they’re out. Grace’s breakfast sammies make us last past the normal lunch time.

On the left is the pork Bahn Mi sandwich and on the right are my tofu tacos. We had sweet black jasmine tea as well.

We stopped by a quasi-new thrift store on the way into town and scored lovely framed print that we’ll repaint, replace the image and put it in the bedroom. I’m thinking we’ll put it where the Jane Avril poster lives and move that to where the Chat Noir currently resides. That’ll help address the ‘red’ problem in the room.

Sneak Peek – Dining room chairs

We also finished the dining room chairs, which have been sitting in the garage with what looked like a terrible case of diaper rash for a year! It’s an entertaining story and I will be more than happy to share it on Monday with more a few more photos. In the meantime, here’s a reference photo of their previous incarnation.

Bon Weekend – Flurries of activity.

We’ve finished several projects over the last couple of weeks and I think we’re good to say that the entry/stairs are finished for the moment. I’m happy with how everything looks right now and I’m sure we’ll add a few things down the road. We also need to add the rocks to the boot tray (which was purchased from Crate & Barrel).

I do have some touch-up work on the kick plates as taping appears to have been a giant fail on several steps.



After: (more…)

Knock! Knock!

I’ve been trying to post an update but we’re finishing several long standing projects in preparation for guests tomorrow afternoon (more details on that) and it was my birthday on Monday. It’s either throw a party or have company over to really light a fire to finish projects in limbo. Anyway, we finished the last details on the stairs and poly’d them this morning. The quarter rounds will be seated later.

I likey.

Bon Weekend – The next steps

You betcha, I went there. Here’s a sneak peek at the latest step in the painting project. These were done by Michael and he decided to mimic wood grain with the brush pull effect. I think they look pretty awesome. We have one more effect we’re trying to accomplish before applying the polyurethane.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Pretty in pink

Or… you really can teach old broads new tricks!

Last month we migrated mom over to our family plan and got her an iPhone. She’s been mesmerized with ours and we knew after we bought her a Nook last year that she would catch on quickly. She’s not a fan of loud colors but we chose the case so that it would be easy for her to spot when it isn’t with her. The second is the new Nook Color. Her birthday was on Monday and we decided to upgrade her and all I can say is wow, what a difference between first gen and this! We also got her a matching atomic pink cover. We’re hoping the Nook will be able to stream Flash soon and that they’ll get apps for Netflix and HBO so she can kick back and watch movies on it. In the meantime, it’s mahjong to her heart’s delight!

Stairway to…

Please fill in the blank. This project doesn’t want to end apparently. Let’s start from the beginning…

Just like a box of Cracker Jacks, there was a surprise inside!

After the kick plates were painted white, on went the Paradise Green. Too light! We took the paint can back to Lowe’s and they mix a slightly darker shade (of course I don’t have the paint chip and the computer didn’t put it on the top of the can). We liked it better.

But still, it doesn’t seem finished. Michael came up with an idea and bought some colored glaze. We’re starting work on that portion next. Stay tuned…

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