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DIY price tags

I tip my hat again to the wonderfully creative Stella Maris for inspiring these. We purchased two beautiful rolls of vintage wallpaper to use for various items for the wedding. We were in hopes of making May (Day) Baskets for the ceremony chairs but it proved to be too fragile and we ran out of steam trying to make them work. I have many shapes cut out and they’ve sat for two and a half years. I needed something to do with them and wanted to have something fun for my price tags. When Stella showed me hers, which were made with origami paper, the idea clicked.

They’re incredibly easy to do and I’m not sure if they warrant a full tutorial. Just tape both sides and use a tag punch to make the shapes. I have a punch that makes three sizes of tags and I strung them with embroidery thread.

Thanks Stella!

Bon Weekend – Small things take up large chunks of time.

What is this? An azalea in my garden? It cannot be! Well, it is and it’s one of the things that has kept me away from blogging for two weeks. Michael first started playing with bonsai when he was about 13 and has wanted to be able to take it to another level. We had the opportunity recently to invest in a lot of bonsai pots and decided it was now or never. He has a few trees that he’s been working with for a some time and he’s transplanted them to the more traditional pots. After seeing images of mature azalea bonsai, I couldn’t resist. But only in this state.

Here are a few of the many trees we’ve been working on, some new and some have been around for a bit.  (more…)

Bon Weekend – Vintage goodies

We picked up this wonderful pitcher and ice bucket at an estate sale for our bar cart in the breakfast nook {pictures coming soon}. They had a great selection of matching starburst glasses and other accessories, but we kept our purchases to just these. I think they’ll add a lovely touch to the space.

I have some projects to share next week and some exciting new ideas to try out. I am very, very thankful of Labor Day sales at Michaels happening right now! Psst… they honor A.C. Moore coupons, by the way!

Until then, I hope everyone has a safe and fabulous holiday weekend!


While we were in Nassau in February to celebrate Aileen’s birthday, our cab driver gave us a couple of Bahamian coins to bring back home. I wanted to do something fun with one of the coins to remind me of our weekend and gave it to my CFM neighbor, Stella Maris, to make into a ring. Stella is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful jewelry. I absolutely love it.

If you’re in Charleston, please stop by and see her work. She’s at the Farmers Market on the first and third Saturdays and also organizes the Holy City Artist and Fleas.

Small measures

While working in the garden yesterday…

Baby Tree Frog

Baby Tree Frog

Pardon my garden thumb, I promise I’ve started wearing gloves. This little one measures about 3/8″ compared to my nail bed (which is about a half inch), when it let me get my thumb much closer.

Such a cutie!

Bon Weekend – Come on Irene

Dexys Midnight Runners I am not.;) We managed to make a second batch of pear relish this week. We used the recipe my great-great-aunt. The pears came from the tree my brother planted a good long time ago, we used some of our peppers while the rest of the ingredients came from the Charleston Farmers Market. FYI, the Market has been canceled for tomorrow.

Pear Relish

We’re about to head out to take down the sun shade and hanging pots, and bring the orchids back inside. They’ve been enjoying some humid time on the porch.

For all those in the expected path, please be safe!

Munch time

This has been an incredibly busy week with Tyler in town and getting our hurricane prep done. Thankfully we’re out of Irene’s path, but now we’re set for the season. Tyler will head off in about a week and a half to spend this semester at the Disney College Program. We’re so very excited for him!

We were cleaning out the millstone pond pump and I noticed that most of the venus flytraps are happily munching on some food. I’m trying to figure out what this one is eating, I think it may be a grass hopper, but the antennae gives it an awesome profile!


I took some progress photos about a week ago and I think the killer garden is coming along nicely since the photos I took on July 1st.


New commission pieces

When Michael was in Atlanta in June, I sent him to Gail K. Fabrics (aka Fabric Mecca) armed with swatches and color preferences. He got into a conversation with a lovely bride-to-be and her mother, and showed them my work. Kate got in contact with me, we brainstormed, and I made her a belt and matching hair piece.

I also showed her the flower on a larger scale, coming in at 8″ wide.

Kate, I hope you love these as much as I loved making them for you!


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some tinkerings from the other side of the hall, so here’s a sweet little gadget Michael finished last night.

Says Michael, “I’ve been experimenting with a device that way be able to suck the free electrons from the Earth. The Earth is a big capacitor which contains free electric charges. If it is possible to create or to find a potential imbalance between two points in the ground, it seems possible to suck additional electrons from the ground and thus to create an increase of the current flow through a wire connected between these two points. Early in his researches in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla wanted to collect free energy from the Earth capacitor between the ground and the ionosphere by the use of a parametric resonance with the TMT project. Later, Tesla found that it is possible to do the same process with only the use of the ground by using the natural imbalance of the ground potential produced by the telluric currents flow underground and Tesla found that this could be done by the use of an asymmetric displacement of current. To help me find the imbalance of the ground potential on the surface of the Earth induced by underground telluric currents, I have built and I use a experimental surface tellurmeter (a low impedance electrometer).”

I’ll just call it purrty.

Unexpected surprises

This is NOT what I was expecting to accomplish yesterday when I went into the studio to ‘bust it out’. Suffice it to say that it was completely necessary at this point and it had nothing to do with my hatred of carpeting. No, really. I think that we’re going to fill and sand the gaps and then apply several coats of epoxy paint. I thinking of a particular shade of blue. Now, if I can find the bazillion paint chips I bagged from the stairs project.

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